Critical Factors In Healing

1. The patient must be scanned and rescanned thoroughly and accurately. Correct b ioplasmic d iagnosis w ill lead to c orrect t reatment. Pr oper r e-scanning w ill give correct feedback as to the effectiveness of the i nitial treatment.

2. The patient's b ioplasmic body m ust be th oroughly c leansed to in crease the rate of healing and to avoid radical reaction.

3. The p atient m ust b e s ufficiently en ergized w ith p rana. I nsufficient energizing m eans slight im provement or s low r ate of h ealing. Over energizing on d elicate or gans m ust be a voided t o p revent p ranic congestion.

4. Stabilize the projected prana to prevent it from escaping or leaking out. Many new healers become overconfident and commit the serious mistake of not stabilizing the projected prana when their patients tell them how their c ondition h as greatly im proved. A s a r esult, s ome patients experience recurrence of symptoms or ailments after about thirty minutes or after a few hours. Therefore, always stabilize the projected prana after energizing!

5. Instruct your patients not to wash the parts that have just been treated for ab out twelve h ours; ot herwise, t he s ymptoms m ay r ecur. Water absorbs some of the pranic energy that has been projected to the affected part. Patients suffering from severe ailments or general weakness are requested to refrain from taking a bath for about twenty-four hours after treatment. This enables the body to gradually absorb a nd assimilate the pranic energy that has been projected.


Materials such as silk, rubber and leather tend to act as partial insulators to prana. Patients should be requested not to wear s ilk s ince it makes it difficult to project prana on t hem. Leather or rubber shoes a nd leather belts should preferably be removed to make general sweeping more effective. Some healers also remove their shoes when healing in order to absorb more ground prana.



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