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THE MECHANISM behind distant healing is similar to that of the telephone. The healer and the patient are linked because their etheric bodies are parts of earth's etheric body. Distant pranic healing is similar to close-ranged pranic healing. The only difference is that in distant pranic healing, the psychic faculty of the healer has to be developed or sharpened further through regular practice for greater accuracy.

So, before we pass to the following step we can touch the question of magic and black magic. What do you think now: is it possible to apply magic (black or white) on distance on someone!? That reminds me on the experience I have passed myself. Well 1992 I was in Vienna in Austria and my ex-wife has visited me with our son and we passed few days together. That was the last time we met. During the night I didn't have any dream, but early in the morning I was aware that her mother paid someone to make that we shall never be together again and that that was done during that night. The process how I became aware we can explain by using my Angel Guardian who told me, in his way , during first few seconds I have opened my eyes.

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Become A More Spiritual Person Today

Become A More Spiritual Person Today

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