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In drawing in prana, there are several possible positions: Reaching for the Sky Pose, Egyptian Pose, and Casual Pose.

In the Reaching for the Sky Pose, if you intend to d raw in pranic energy through the lef t hand c hakra, r aise y our lef t ar m an d tu rn t he p alm upward (see photo on the right). Raise the arm. There is a m eridian or bioplasmic channel in the armpit area which is connected to the left and right ha nd chakras. The un bending of th is meridian allows p rana to flow with minimum resistance. The act of concentrating on the left hand chakra is like turning on the water pump. By concentrating on the left hand, the left hand chakra is activated and draws in a lot of prana since there was an intention or expectation to draw in rather than to project prana.

Chakra Hand

In the Egyptian Pose - (standing or sitting) --- if you in tend to d raw in p ranic en ergy through your right h and c hakra, b end th e r ight elb ow until it i s alm ost p arallel to t he ground. T he arm is moved slightly away from your body to make a small opening in your armpit area. The palm is turned upward. This conditions the mind to r eceive p rana. ( See LEFT and RIGHT photo.)

In the Casual Pose, if you intend to draw in pranic energy through your left hand chakra, let your left arm h ang loos ely a nd c asually. The a rm is m oved slightly aw ay f rom t he b ody t o allow a s mall op ening i n the armpit area. The palm is in casual position and is not raised upward. ( see photo on the right). The c asual p osition r equires more concentration for beginners since the upward position of the palm which conditions the mind to receive prana is not used.

I usually use the Egyptian Pose because it is more comfortable and does not look too strange. This reduces resistance from the patient. It is quite possible for a patient to partially and unintentionally block most of the prana projected to him by the healer if he finds the healer too strange or if he strongly rejects and disbelieves this form of healing. That is why it is better to establish rapport with the patient to make healing faster and easier.

Sketch Pranayama


One of the potential problems in pranic healing is the instability of the projected prana. The projected prana tends to gradually leak out, causing possible regression or causing the illness to recur.

This potential problem can be handled by thoroughly cleansing or sweeping the part to be treated and by stabilizing the projected prana. The projected prana can be stabilized in two ways:

• You should finish all energizing with prana by projecting blue prana. This is done by visualizing and projecting light-blue prana on the treated part.

• Y ou can a lso ju st will or mentally instruct the projected p rana t o remain or stabilize.

You can perform this experiment to prove to yourself the validity of these principles and techniques. Use the following procedure:

1. Using the energizing-with-prana technique: project white prana on top of a table for about one minute and simultaneously visualize and form it into a ball without willing it to remain. This is the first pranic ball.

2. Project, visualize and form a blue pranic ball for about one minute without willing it to remain. This is the second pranic ball.

3. Project and form a white pranic ball for about one minute, and will or mentally instruct the pranic ba ll to remain for one hour. This is the third pranic ball. Make sure the locations of the pranic balls are properly marked and that there are no strong winds that might blow the balls away.

4. Scan the three pranic balls to make sure that they are properly formed.

5. Wait for about twenty minutes and scan the three pranic balls again. You m ay f ind t hat th e first p ranic ball is alr eady g one or greatly reduced in size while the second and third pranic balls are still quite intact.

Please, do try this experiment immediately. It is simple and easy to perform.

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