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When you are finished doing your Qigong exercises you should a lways rub your hands together and then massage your face in the following way. Starting from the chin, gently rub your hands up your face, along the sides of your nose, up to your forehead, then out and down in a circular pattern along the sides of your face and back down to your chin. Then, start up again in the same manner. Massage your face in this way several times. Doing this helps to bring your focus back from the emptiness.

In the Ending exercise we have movements that involve the spine a nd massaging a nd patting the body. Let's explore why we do these exercises:

• Massage the hands

There are s ix m ain c hannels s tarting from he f ingers. F or in stance, t wo heart channels start from the middle and the little fingers, the lung channel starts from the thumb, a nd the lar ge in testine c hannels s tarts f rom th e i ndex finger. W hen y ou massage the hands and fingers, you wake up the Qi in those channels and it will go into the internal organs.

• Massage the face and ears

The face a nd ears have all the points inking to all energy channels and all parts of the body. When you massage your face and ears, you massage your whole body. If you feel pain when you massage your ears, you have a blockage in the relative part or organ in the body. Keep massaging that point on your ear u ntil the pain is totally gone-the blockage in the body will disappear.

• Massage the kidneys

Kidney en ergy is the most im portant en ergy to our life. If we u se k idney en ergy faster, our lives will end sooner. A man's kidney energy goes down after age of 40; and a woman's after age 35. Our legs are the first parts of the body to indicate we are aging.

When we feel our legs are not as strong as before, our kidney energy is getting low. In Tao meditation, Chinese medicine, and longevity exercises, the kidney energy is always number one for our attention.

• Cupping exercise

The areas to he cupped have almost a ll of the energy channels. Cupping wakes up and moves the energy in those channels and clears away blockages. If you catch a cold, cup y our a rms to help s top c oughing, b ecause the lu ng, h eart, a nd lar ge in testine channels run through the arms.

• Spine exercise

Most human ailments relate to blockages in the spine: Mental problems and other sickness in the heat relate to the neck; sickness in the major organs relates to the back spine; and reproductive organ problems relate to the lower back and the tailbone.

I recommend that women over 35 spend several minutes patting the tailbone area every day to prevent the blockages in the female organs.

• Heel exercise

When you move the heels up and down, you open the energy channels in your feet including the liver and kidney channels. This exercise is also very good for cold feet and hands in the wintertime.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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