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1. Scan the major chakras.

2. Apply lo calized s weeping and e nergizing on t he m alfunctioning c hakras. T he a jna chakra should be treated.

3. Repeat the treatment twice a week until healing is complete. Instruct the patient to consult a specialist.


This may be caused by pranic depletion or congestion in the armpit and the surrounding areas. Difficulty in raising the arm could also be caused by heart ailment or high blood pressure. Scan the areas thoroughly. Apply l ocalized s weeping a nd e nergizing on t he a rmpit a nd on the shoulder. By t horoughly cleansing a nd e nergizing t he a rmpit, m ost patients will experience dramatic improvement in just a few minutes.


EYES - Near/Far sightedness and Astigmatism

There are minor chakras on each eye and on each temple. The ajna chakra, eye chakras and the temple chakras a re usually depleted (pranic depletion).The thickness of these chakras usually ran ges f rom two in ches or le ss. In f ewer o r rare c ases, y ou w ill e ncounter e ye ailments caused by pranic congestion.

1) Scan t he e yes, the ajn a c hakra and t he t emple c hakras w ith o ne or t wo of y our fingers. If the eye chakras are very depleted and have an in ner au ra of one inch or less, energize the eyes slightly through the ajna chakra by visualizing prana going to the ajna chakra then to the eyes before cleansing. This is to make localized cleansing or sweeping easier.

2) Apply localized sweeping or cleansing on the entire head, ajna chakra, eye chakras and temple c hakras. I f localized sweeping is d one properly, the i nner a uras of t he eye chakras would increase slightly.

3) Apply a lternately e nergizing and lo calized s weeping on t he ajn a c hakra, t he eye chakras and the temple chakras u ntil the inner a uras of these chakras normalize in size a nd in de nsity. T he e yes s hould not b e energized di rectly b ut should b e energized t hrough t he ajna chakra. At t imes, you will feel t hat t he in ner au ra of a treated part has increased to its normal size but is not sufficiently dense compared to other healthy parts. You should continue cleansing and energizing until the inner auras of the eyes, the temples and the ajna chakra are normalized.

4) It is quite lik ely that y our p atient w ill f eel a s light imm ediate t emporary improvement which is a good sign. The treatment should be repeated twice a week. Preferably, the patient should stop wearing eyeglasses to facilitate the healing process. P atients wh o s uffer he adache wh en t hey do no t we ar eyeglasses s hould gradually reduce the amount of time wearing them. Complete healing may take about three to four months.

CROSS-EYES AND WALLEYES - Apply the same treatment as the previous case.

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The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

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