Energetic Healing

ENERGETIC HEALING is based on the overall structure of the human body. The physical body is actually composed of two parts: the visible physical body and the invisible energy b ody c alled t he b ioplasmic b ody. T he visible p hysical b ody is th at p art of th e human body that we see, touch, and are most acquainted with. The bioplasmic body is that invisible luminous energy body which interpenetrates the visible physical body and extends beyond it by four or five i nches (10-13 cm). Traditionally, clairvoyants call this energy body the etheric body or etheric double.

Pranic healing is an ancient science and art of healing that utilizes PRANA or KI or QI or vital energy to heal the whole physical body. It also involves the manipulation of KI and bioplasmic matter of die patient's body. It has also been invariably called psychic healing, magnetic healing, faith healing, KI healing, vital healing, and the laying on of hands.

Prana or KI (QI) is that vital energy or life force which keeps the body alive and healthy. In Greek, it is called PNEUMA, in Polynesian, RNANA, and in Hebrew, RUAH, which means "breath of life." Energy centers of bioplasmic body are called chakras. Basically, there are three major sources of prana: solar prana, air prana, and ground prana. Prana can also be projected to another person for healing.

People with a lot of excess prana/QI tend to make those around them feel better and livelier. However, people who are depleted tend to unconsciously absorb prana from others. This is why SOME people can make you feel tired or drained for no ap parent reason: that is also known as VAMPIRISM of


It is clairvoyantly observed that there is more prana during day-time than at night. Prana drops to a very low level at about three or four in the morning.

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