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An alternative v iew, o ne t hat has b een n eglected by m odern m edical s cience, is existence of the energy body that we all have. The existence of the energy body (sometimes called: the etheric double, or vital body) and its intimate interaction with the physical body, are what gives meaning to and effectiveness of PRANIC healing and QIGONG, and any other type of pure energetic healing.

Energetic Body

The outer and inner auras are shown in (A); the health aura and its health rays are shown in (B).

Energetic Healing Practice tend to restore a ready flow of PRANA or QI, and the flow of QI, or vital energy, is the chief determining factor for the bio-electric conditions within a living form.

Modern Kirlian photography has shown that disease appears first in the energy or vital body before it manifests itself in the physical body. There is an intimate connection between the two. Therefore, by treating the vital body, we can often make a cure in the physical body. And this is what Pranic Healing and QIGONG, as described in this book, are all about. In further text all those type of healing we will call "Energetic Healing".

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Spiritual Healing Handbook

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