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Apply general sweeping two times. Clean a nd energize the hand and sole chakras. This will partially activate and energize the hand chakras and the sole chakras making them absorb more g round an d air p rana, w hich w ill g radually and s teadily e nergize t he w hole b ody. Rescan the hand and sole chakras to determine whether they have greatly increased in size. Clean a nd e nergize t he front solar plexus chakra a nd t hen the navel. Continue e nergizing until the patient feels much better.


The ajna chakra, eye chakras and the temple chakras are pranically depleted. If due to habitual stress or tension, the patient is likely to have a mal-functioning front heart chakra and solar plexus chakra. During severe g laucomic attacks, the patient may experience intense pain in the head a nd eyes accompanied by general weakening. He or she may also experience blindness for a short or long period of time.

1) Scan the ajna chakra, eye chakras, temple chakras, heart chakras and solar plexus chakras.

2) To relieve the patient immediately of the pain or d iscomfort in the eyes, apply localized sweeping on the ajna chakra, the eye chakras and the temple chakras. Energize the e yes t hrough t he a jna c hakra u ntil t heir c onditions normalize. I f done properly, the patient will experience a substantial degree of relief. For patients who are recently bl ind due to glaucoma, eyesight will be partially restored; for patients who have been blind for quite some ti me, restoring the eyesight may still be possible but will require longer treatment. The eyeballs may soften a little bit.

3) If the patient is experiencing a headache, scan the head area, and apply localized sweeping and energizing alternately to remove the headache.

4) If t he p atient is e xperiencing a g eneral w eakening o f the b ody, ap ply g eneral sweeping s everal times. Ap ply lo calized s weeping and e nergizing on t he front solar p lexus c hakra. These will strengthen the patient a nd also make t he re lief last longer. The malfunctioning of the solar plexus chakra due to emotional stress is a major contributing factor to this ailment.

5) If the patient has a heart ailment, then the heart should also be treated.

6) Apply the treatment three times a week. This should be continued for several months o r for as lo ng as re quired. If t he c ause is of e motional o rigin, t hen hypnotherapy can be applied, o r th e pa tient can be ta ught how to relax a nd meditate in order to regulate emotions properly.

For a patient experiencing severe glaucoma attack, the treatment may be repeated after one or two hours if he or she is still experiencing discomfort. Instruct the patient to consult an eye specialist after the treatment.


Scan the crown chakra, the ajna chakra, the back of the head, the entire head and neck. Headaches could be caused by pranic depletion or congestion on these parts. The eyes, the temples, a nd t he s olar pl exus s hould also b e scanned. Apply lo calized s weeping an d energizing on the crown chakra, ajna chakra, the back of the head, and on the affected head area. If the cause is due to pranic congestion, localized sweeping is usually sufficient to remove the pain. Or just ask the patient what is aching, and apply localized sweeping and energizing on the affected part. If the headache is due to eye strain, then the ajna chakra, the e yes, a nd t he temples s hould b e c leansed a nd e nergized. T he e yes a re e nergized through the ajna chakra. If it is due to an emotional problem or stress, then the front solar plexus c hakra s hould be c leansed and energized. Remember to always get feedback from the patient and to always rescan the treated area to determine whether treatment has been done properly.


Heart ailments may manifest as pranic depletion or congestion, or both simultaneously, in the h eart c hakra. Al though t here are man y types of h eart ailme nts, s uch as heart enlargement, malfunctioning of a p acemaker, partial failure of the heart muscles, etc., the treatment is basically the same and involves cleansing and energizing the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra. You will work with the front heart and solar plexus chakras, and the back heart chakra.

2) The heart should be energized through the back heart chakra and not through the front heart chakra. Visualize the physical heart and the front heart chakra becoming bright and c lean. G et fe edback from the patient to determine w hich s pot o r s pots a re still painful or uncomfortable. Rescan and apply localized sweeping and energize further. If done p roperly and t horoughly, the p atient will experience immediate p artial re lief. Substantial re lief may also bee xperienced a fter s everal h ours o r days. I n p ranic depletion of the heart, the emphasis should be on energizing, but thorough cleansing is also very important.

3) Apply localized sweeping and energizing on the front and back solar plexus chakras.

4) If there is severe pranic congestion in the front heart a nd front solar plexus chakras, then apply localized sweeping thoroughly. It may take five to ten minutes to thoroughly remove the congested diseased bioplasmic matter. Usually, the patient will be relieved immediately after the localized sweeping. Energize the heart through the back heart

1) Scan the heart thoroughly. Look for small t rouble s pots. Ap ply lo calized sweeping thoroughly on th e fr ont he art chakra and on the small trouble spots with your fi ngers. V isualize your fi ngers g oing inside the s mall trouble s pots an d removing the diseased bioplasmic matter.

chakra and apply more localized sweeping. Energize the solar plexus chakra and apply more localized sweeping.

5) If the patient is quite weak, general sweeping should be applied first before any other treatment in order to strengthen the health rays and to seal off holes in the outer aura. This will definitely make healing easier.

A t reatment m ay last for a few min utes to about half an hour in mo st c ases. T reatment should be applied three times a week. For critically ill patients, pranic treatment may be applied two or three times a day for the next few days. There are no fixed guidelines. You will have to use your own d iscretion. It may take from several weeks to several months to heal an d n ormalize the condition. T he recovery period v aries d epending up on the seriousness of the heart a ilment, the cooperation of the patient, the frequency of pranic treatment, and other relevant factors.


Hemorrhoids m anifest as pr anic c ongestion on the a nus m inor c hakra. T he s olar plexus chakra and the navel c hakra are also partially a ffected. The an us min or c hakra is located slightly above the anus and between the basic chakra and the anus. Clairvoyantly, it is seen as m uddy red. Apply localized sweeping a nd e nergizing o n the a nus. The e mphasis is on sweeping. Clean and energize the front solar plexus chakra and navel chakra. Visualize the prana cleansing and energizing of the large intestine. Visualize the prana coming out of the anus and cleansing the anus minor chakra. Treating the solar plexus chakra and the navel chakra is very important since the large intestine and the anus are controlled and energized by these two major chakras.

The patient may also use cold water to remove the diseased bioplasmic matter from the affected pa rt. He ju st simply w ills or in tents that the c oldwater r emove the d iseased bioplasmic matter. The patient is also expected to maintain proper hygiene.


Clean a nd energize the front solar plexus chakra. Energizing should be continued until the patient is relieved.

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