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Then in hibit the solar p lexus c hakra by willing the solar plexus c hakra to become s maller (about 7 centimeters in diameter) while energizing with dark blue prana.

Apply localized sweeping and energizing thoroughly on the BASIC and MENG MEIN chakras

• with light green prana,

• light whitish-violet prana, then with

Inhibiting the meng mein and basic chakras is done by willing these chakras to become 6 cm in d iameter while energizing with dark blue prana. The solar plexus, basic and meng mein chakras usually become over activated again after a day or two. This is why treatment has to be repeated three times a week.

3) To e nhance the defense mechanism of the body, clean the bones in the a rms a nd legs thoroughly by ap plying localized sweeping. E nergize t he sole, knee, and h ip chakras with light whitish-violet prana, and visualize pranic energy going inside the bones.

Energize the hand, elbow, and armpit chakras with light violet and visualize the pranic energy going inside the bones.

4) Clean, e nergize a nd a ctivate the c rown, forehead, aj na, back h ead, a nd throat c hakras with light green, light blue and light violet prana.

When energizing with light violet prana, visualize the following chakras becoming bigger (about 12 to 15 cm in diameter): CROWN, FOREHEAD, AJNA, AND THROAT; - and also the BACK HEAD CHAKRA (about 5 cm in diameter).

This is to activate the upper chakras in order to produce more green, blue, and violet prana, which have neutralizing effects on cancer cells.

5) Clean the front and back heart chakras thoroughly. Energize the BACK HEART CHAKRA with light whitish-violet prana and simultaneously will the heart chakra to become 12 to 15 cm in diameter; this will help the patient experience a sense of inner peace.

6) Apply cleansing on the affected parts. This is done by applying localized sweeping on the affected part about 100 to 200 times.

This will partially or completely relieve the patient of pain.

Be sure to wash your hands regularly while cleansing. You must remember that the affected part is very dirty, congested, and filled with dark muddy red and yellow pranas.

Energize the affected part with dark blue prana for about fifteen minutes in order to inhibit the g rowth of c ancer c ells and to l ocalize them. Als o inhibit the a ffected c hakra wh ich i s over activated.

Energize the affected part with your fingers using: • dark green prana, then • dark orange prana, about five minutes each. Visualize the pranic energy coming out as laser- like and as thin as the tip of a ball point. The dark green prana and dark orange prana have to be projected in a very concentrated form to give it sufficient potency to partially disintegrate the cancer cells. Do not use orange prana on delicate organs.

7) Repeat the treatment three times a week for five months, (or longer). The treatment should not be done too frequently because the patient might be over energized and the healing process might be slowed down. Encourage the patient to become a vegetarian.

Aside from t he benefits d erived from a v egetarian d iet, b eing a v egetarian is an ac t of showing m ercy toward the an imal k ingdom. B ased on t he law of k arma, a person who shows mercy will also in turn receive mercy. This encourages faster healing of the illness.

The following are the benefits derived by cancer patients from this form of healing:

• the intense pain will be gradually reduced after several treatments;

• the e nergy l evel o f the pa tient w ill be i ncreased a nd t he patient wi ll feel m uch stronger after several treatments. The appetite will improve;

• the growth of the cancer cells will be reduced if not stopped; and

• the cancer cells will be gradually and partially destroyed.

For terminal cancer patients, p ranic h ealing will e nable them to die in peace and with dignity.


1) Apply localized sweeping on the affected part.

2) Energize the affected part with:

• light blue prana for about five breathing cycles,

• whitish-green prana for ten breathing cycles and

• whitish-orange prana for ten breathing cycles.

This is to disintegrate the cyst. Repeat the treatment three times a week.

3) After one or two weeks, energize the affected part with green prana and orange prana, then with light whitish-yellow prana for one breathing cycle. This is to facilitate the removal of the disintegrated matter.


1) Apply general sweeping.

2) Clean t he front a nd back solar plexus c hakras. E nergize t he pancreas through the back solar plexus chakra:

• first time, with light whitish-green prana,

• second time, with light whitish-blue prana, and

• third time, with light violet prana.

This is to heal the pancreas so that it will normalize its production of insulin.

3) Scan the ajna chakra. If there is pranic congestion, apply localized sweeping and energize with light violet prana. Instruct mentally or verbally the patient's AJNA chakra to normalize the production of insulin. Repeat the treatment two times a week.


Patients suffering from leukemia have very depleted basic a nd ajna chakras. The basic and meng mein chakras are over activated but very depleted. The minor chakras in the arms and legs are also depleted. The weakening of these major and minor chakras causes the blood to become abnormal.

1) Apply general sweeping several times.

2) The MENG MEIN CHAKRA and BASIC CHAKRA, which have been abnormally overactive for a considerable period of time, have been responsible for the abnormal increase in the production of white blood cells.

Therefore, it is very important to inhibit the |MENG MEIN CHAKRA by energizing with BLUE PRANA and simultaneously willing t hese c hakras t o become s maller—to about 7 cm in diameter.

Apply localized cleansing and energizing with blue prana on the MENG MEIN CHAKRA, and simultaneously will this over activated chakra to become 6 cm in diameter. Rescan the MENG MEIN CHAKRA sideways to determine whether you have successfully inhibited this chakra.

3) Clean and energize the BASIC CHAKRA with a little light whitish-GREEN prana, then with a lo t of light w hitish-RED prana, a nd wi th light w hitish-VIOLET prana. C leansing an d energizing this chakra would take quite some time, for it will be much depleted.

This chakra controls and energizes the bones and consequently controls the production of blood.

4) Clean and energize the crown, forehead, ajna, and back head chakras with a little light whitish-green prana, then with a lot of light whitish-violet prana. Then energize the AJNA CHAKRA with light whitish-RED prana.

5) Apply localized sweeping on the liver thoroughly.

6) Apply localized sweeping and energizing on the BACK HEART, BACK SPLEEN, BACK SOLAR PLEXUS, and NAVEL chakras with:

• a little light whitish-GREEN prana,

• then with a lot of light whitish-RED prana, and

• light whitish-VIOLET prana.

7) Apply localized sweeping on the arms and legs. Energize the hand, elbow, armpit, as well as the sole, knee, and hip chakras with light whitish-RED and light whitish-VIOLET prana. Visualize the pranic energy going inside the bones.

The light red prana stimulates the production of red blood cells, while the light violet prana helps normalize the condition of the bones. When energizing, do not project simultaneously the light red prana and light violet prana because this is too potent and will adversely affect the condition of the patient.

Repeat t he t reatment three t imes a week fo r about five months o r longer. I f t reatment is done properly, three treatments per week is enough. Do not repeat the treatment too frequently because the patient might become over energized and the rate of healing would be slowed down. Due to karmic factors and the debilitated condition of the patient, there is no guarantee that the patient will be completely cured. But definitely, the patient's health will be greatly improved.

Encourage the patient to become a vegetarian. Aside from the health benefits derived from a v egetarian d iet, being a v egetarian is also an act of s howing me rcy t oward the an imal kingdom. Based on the law of ka rma, a person who s hows me rcy will a lso receive me rcy. This may encourage faster healing of the patient's illness.


There are many types of heart ailments and they may manifest as the heart's muscle failure due to clotting or obstruction in the heart arteries, as heart infection, as malfunctioning of the heart valves, as heart congestion either of the left or right heart, as holes in the dividing wall between the left and the right heart, as an irregular beating of the heart, or as a heart enlargement.

In pranic healing, these problems manifest as either pranic heart congestion or depletion or both simultaneously. With pranic heart congestion, the emphasis should be on localized sweeping. W ith pr anic heart de pletion, th e e mphasis s hould be on e nergizing. A pply localized sweeping on the front and back heart chakras, and on the solar plexus chakra. In treating heart ailments, white prana or light green prana and light red prana are usually used in energizing. Orange prana is not used here because of its possible damaging effect on the heart.

1) Scan the heart thoroughly. The heart must be scanned with one or two fingers to locate the small trouble spots. To help you locate these, ask the patient what specific spots hurt.

2) Apply general sweeping. Clean the FRONT HEART CHAKRA thoroughly. The small spots with pranic depletion must be cleansed thoroughly with the use of your fingers. Visualize white light or prana coming out of your fingers and removing t he diseased b ioplasmic matter.

3) Clean the FRONT AND BACK HEART CHAKRAS and the front and back solar plexus chakras.

4) Energize the heart through the back heart chakra with white prana for ten breathing cycles. Visualize the heart and the front heart chakra as very bright and healthy.

5) Or energize the heart with light whitish-GREEN prana for 7 breathing cycles and then with light whitish-RED prana for 5 breathing cycles.

Light green prana breaks down d iseased bioplasmic matter and also directly and indirectly causes the physical obstruction to dissolve.

Light red prana has a dilating and strengthening effect on the heart.

6) Energize the solar plexus chakra with white prana for five breathing cycles. Rescan the heart to determine whether it has been properly and thoroughly treated. Get feedback from the patient.

7) For an inflamed heart, clean and energize the heart with light whitish-GREEN prana for five breathing cycles and with light whitish-BLUE prana for seven breathing cycles.

8) For a heart with a defective valve, or with physical wounds or holes, energize with l ight whitish-GREEN-VIOLET prana for nine breathing cycles, with light GREEN-YELLOW prana for three breathing cycles, and with light whitish-red prana for three breathing cycles.

9) Clean and energize the basic and navel chakras with white prana. This will strengthen the body and further accelerate the rate of healing.

The treatment should be given at least three times a week. If the patient cannot be disturbed, energize the heart by visualizing the back of the patient in front of your palm. Pranic healing is very effective for heart ailments. Usually the patient fully recovers in a short time.

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