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There are two very important chakras located at the center of each palm. These chakras are called t he le ft h and c hakra an d rig ht h and c hakra. T hey are u sually ab out o ne in ch in diameter. Some pranic healers have hand chakras as big as 5 centimeters or more in diameter. Although the hand chakras are considered as minor chakras, they have very important functions in pranic healing. It is through the hand chakras that prana is absorbed from the surroundings and projected to the patient. Both the right and left hand chakras are capable o f ab sorbing a nd p rojecting prana or k i, (QI). B ut for right-handed persons, i t is easier to absorb through the left hand chakra and project through the right hand chakra and vice versa for left-handed people.

Hand Finger Shakra

There is a mini c hakra in e ach finger. T hese c hakras are als o c apable of ab sorbing a nd projecting prana. The h and c hakras p roject l ess concentrated o r gentler prana while t he finger c hakras project more i ntense or s tronger p rana. W ith i nfants, the a ged, a nd v ery weak patients, it is advisable to energize them slowly and gently by using the hand chakras. By stimulating or activating the hand chakras, the hands become sensitized; thereby developing the a bility to feel subtler matter a nd to scan the different a uras. It is through scanning that the healer can locate the diseased areas in the bioplasmic body.

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