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Although dietary ha bits and tension a re major factors contributing to high blood pressure, this ailment manifests as pranic congestion and over-activation of the meng mein chakra. Sometimes the meng mein chakra is over activated and depleted.

The etheric body (or bioplasmic body), when seen clairvoyantly, is very bright and glaring. Because of t he e xtremely hi gh pr anic energy l evel, the body f elt qui te w eak a nd concentration was difficult. If the basic chakra is depleted, then there is general pranic depletion of the body.

If the basic chakra is quite active, then there is general pranic congestion of the body.

1) Scan the whole body. Scan the meng mein chakra frontally to determine the degree of pranic congestion and then scan it sideways to determine the size or degree of over activation. An over activated MENG MEIN CHAKRA sometimes has a diameter of 12 cm or more while the other chakras are only about 7-10 cm in diameter.

2) Apply general sweeping several times.

3) Apply localized sweeping thoroughly on the back head area, spine, and the front and back solar plexus, me ng m ein, a nd b asic c hakras. In m ost c ases, c leansing alo ne w ill g reatly relieve the patient.

meng mein chakra thoroughly. Inhibit the meng mein chakra by energizing with coupled with a strong intention of inhibiting the degree of activity of the MENG MEIN CHA KRA and visualizing it g etting s maller. V isualize t he m eng me in c hakra a s becoming s maller to a bout three i nches i n d iameter and als o dimmer or n ot too b right. Rescan the meng mein chakra. Once the meng mein chakra is successfully inhibited, the blood pressure will gradually drop. Repeat this procedure after one or two hours since there is a big possibility that the meng mein chakra will become over activated again.

5) The solar plexus chakra is usually congested and over-activated. Energize the front and back solar plexus chakras with light whitish-BLUE prana and apply more localized sweeping.

6) Some of the major head chakras are congested while some are depleted. Clean and energize the CROWN, FOREHEAD, AJNA and BACK HEAD chakras with white prana.

7) T he h eart is usually affected. It m ay be c ongested or de pleted, o r both. A pply pranic treatment on the heart. Repeat the treatment three times a week. Send the patient to a doctor for complementary treatment.


1) Apply localized sweeping on the FRONT SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA and the gallbladder.

2) To soothe, energize the gallbladder through the front solar plexus chakra with light BLUE prana for 4 breathing cycles.

3) Energize with light GREEN prana for 7 breathing cycles and with light ORANGE prana for 7 breathing cycles to facilitate the dissolving of the deposits. To facilitate the gradual removal of the disintegrated stones, energize with whitish-yellow prana for 1 breathing cycle.

4) Apply the treatment once a day. The patient may be relieved completely on the first or second treatment but it should be continued until the stones are completely dissolved. Western medicine should be applied to supplement the treatment.


Inflammation of the liver, or hepatitis, could be caused by a virus, toxins, or a prolonged period o f excessive alcohol i ntake. I nflammation ma nifests as mal functioning o f the s olar plexus chakra and pranic congestion or depletion of the liver.

1) Apply general sweeping several times.

2) Clean and energize the solar plexus chakra and the liver. The liver is divided into left and right parts. Sometimes, a portion of the liver maybe pranically congested while the other part may be pranically depleted. To soothe, disinfect, and clean the liver, energize the front solar plexus chakra a nd the liver with light green prana for ten breathing cycles, with light blue prana for ten breathing cycles and with light violet prana for ten breathing cycles. If the inflammation is caused by toxins, more green prana should be used to facilitate the breaking down of the toxins

.3) In acute hepatitis, or if the inflammation is severe, the rate of pranic consumption is very fast. To produce rapid healing, the liver and the solar plexus chakra should be treated once every two hours for the next eight hours. Repeat the treatment twice a day for the next few days.

4) To strengthen the body and to further increase the rate of healing, clean and energize the navel chakra, the spleen chakra, the hand chakras and the sole chakras. This master healing technique should not be used on patients with cirrhosis of the liver. If the kidneys are also affected, visualize the prana going to the kidneys when energizing the meng meinc hakra. The kidneys should be cleansed before energizing.

5) If the patient has a bloated abdomen and legs, clean and energize the navel chakra, and the abdomen. Clean and energize the sole chakras. Liver ailments should be treated as early as possible. If the patient is young and the liver ailment is treated at its early stage, then the rate of healing would be very fast; but if the patient is old and has had the liver ailment for quite a time already, then the rate of healing would likely be slow and difficult. The patient may feel a c ertain d egree of im provement but full re covery takes a lot of t ime. I n some cases, it may not be possible to cure the patient at all.


Acute pancreatitis is a severe inflammation of the pancreas. The patient feels intense pain in the solar plexus area and the back of it. Fever, chills, cold sweats, vomiting a nd headaches are experienced. The patient is in a state of severe shock. This manifests as a serious imbalance of the solar plexus c hakra and t he entire etheric body (or bioplasmic body) is affected.

1) Ap ply g eneral s weeping s everal times. T here w ill be n oticeable relief af ter applying general sweeping.

2) Ap ply lo calized s weeping on t he s olar plexus c hakra an d energize it wi th whitish-blue prana for twelve breathing cycles. Blue prana soothes the pain and inhibits the pancreas from excreting more d igestive juice. Avoid using yellow prana or orange prana or both. This may stimulate or trigger the pa ncreas to produce more juice, thereby making the patient worse.

Apply the treatment three times once every three hours on the first few days. The patient may be greatly or fully relieved on the first day. The rate of healing is usually very fast.


Peptic u lcers are u lceration of t he stomach or of t he duodenum li ning. Ulceration of t he stomach li ning is c alled g astric u lcers, w hile u lceration of th e du odenum lin ing is c alled duodenal ulcers. Peptic ulcers manifest as malfunctioning of the solar plexus chakra and the stomach minor chakra.

You would treat a mild gastric or duodenal ulcer as follows:

1) Scan the front solar plexus chakra and the abdominal area.

2) Apply localized sweeping on the front and back solar plexus chakras, on the affected area, and energize with white prana or with light blue prana. The relief is usually instantaneous for mild cases. Apply treatment twice a week.

For severe cases, you would do the following:

1) Apply localized sweeping.

2) E nergize the solar plexus c hakra a nd t he affected a rea with l ight bl ue prana for seven breathing c ycles, w ith light w hitish-violet p rana f or ten breathing c ycles. V isualizing t he wound as healing would also be helpful. Apply treatment three times a week.

3) To accelerate the healing process, use the master healing technique.

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