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1. Strengthen th e QI ball u ntil y ou can f eel " magnetic p ressure," o r tingling sensations.

2. Bring the QI ball to the crown of your head (Bai-Hui).

3. With your palms turned toward your head, stimulate Bai-Hui with the QI ball, as if you were massaging your head, but without touching it. You will feel a light pressure on or tingling sensations in the head.

4. When you feel the QI sensations strongly enough, bring the QI ball slowly t o t he ac upuncture p oint b etween y our ey es (Yin-Tang). Stimulate the Yin-Tang with the QI ball.

5. Repeat this, bringing the QI ball down to the following acupuncture points: T ian-Tu, T ang-Zhong, Z hong-Wang, a nd Q i-Hai. Y ou w ill probably feel a c oolness or tin gling in th e Bai-Hui a nd Y in-Tang, a nd warm sensations from Tian-Tu through the Qi-Hai.

6. Lead the QI ball from Qi-Hai to Xian-Gu through Hui-Yin.

7. Bring the qi ball to Ming-Men. Lay your hands on this point until it gets warm.

8. Stimulate from Ling-Tai, Da-Chui, Nao-Fu and back to Bai-Hui.

The "REN", front channel


Y1 pi-Tang The flow crt qi is felt as rj cool, tin gling spnfialjein

Tran-TiJ Tarig-Zhnfiy



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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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