Once Again About Energies

Powerful energy field that covered the space of the present universe is super-intelligent. Different e nergy s ystems exist in t he u niverse t oday, each w ith different fu nction a nd vibration, and probably each with his negative duality; - like: light and dark, hot and cold, etc. Cosmic cataclysms occurred because certain elements deviated from their tasks and goals. Afterwards, special attention was given to the role of the universal maintenance workers i.e. luminous bodies.


The luminous body begins its life as a embryo - where all of his future capacities are incorporated, but are not activated automatically; it is merely a capacity that has to be actualized. People with a developed paranormal sight can see the luminous body as a spherical plasmatic structure the color of old gold. Luminous body is situated in the space around us, outside of our body and the aura. Moving at its own will. However, there are limits to this. It can only go as far as 300 meters from the human body. Each person has his own luminous body, we used to call our Angel Guardian.It plays an immense part from the conception of an embryo until the death of a person. It participates in the creation of our aura and our physical body. The luminous body will not choose an intelligent child in some forsaken place. It will rather choose a less intelligent one living in a civilized surrounding.

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