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When you do pranic breathing, it energizes you to such an extent that your auras temporarily expand b y 100 p ercent or m ore. The i nner aura e xpands to a bout 20 c m, or even more, the health aura to about 1,50 meters or more, and the outer aura to about 2 meters or more.

Method 1: Deep Breathing with Empty Retention

1) Do abdominal breathing.

2) Inhale slowly and retain for one count.

3) E xhale s lowly. R etain y our breath for o ne c ount b efore i nhaling. This is called e mpty retention.

1) Do abdominal breathing.

2) Inhale for seven counts and retain for one count.

3) Exhale for seven counts and retain for one count.

1) Do abdominal breathing.

2) Inhale for six counts and retain for three counts.

3) Exhale for six counts and retain for three counts.

Abdominal br eathing e xpands y our a bdomen s lightly w hen i nhaling and c ontracts your abdomen slightly when exhaling. Do not over-expand or over-contract your abdomen. This would m ake breathing unnecessarily d ifficult. The c ritical factors a re the r hythm a nd t he empty r etention. Holding y our breath a fter e xhalation is c alled e mpty re tention-, a nd holding your breath after inhalation is called full retention. Through clairvoyant observation, it is noted that t here is a tremendous amo unt of p rana rushing i nto all pa rts of the body when inhalation is done after empty retention. This does not take place if the inhalation is not preceded by empty retention. When drawing in prana, you may use either pranic breathing or the hand chakra technique or both simultaneously.


There is a minor chakra in each foot. This chakra is called the sole chakra. By concentrating on the sole c hakras and simultaneously doing p ranic breathing, you can tremendously increase the amount of ground prana absorbed through the sole c hakras. Concentrating on the sole chakras activates them to a certain degree. Pranic breathing greatly facilitates or helps the sole chakras in drawing in ground prana.

Drawing in ground prana is one way of energizing yourself. Ground prana seems t o be m ore effective in healing the visible physical body than air p rana. For e xample, w ounds a nd fr actured bones seem to heal faster with ground prana than air prana.

1) Remove your shoes. Leather shoes and rubber shoes r educe t he d rawing in of prana by 3 0-50 percent.

2) Press the hollow portion of your feet with your thumbs to make concentration easier.

3) Concentrate on t he soles of the feet a nd do pranic breathing simultaneously. Do this for about ten cycles.

You can use the same principle to draw in air prana through the hand chakras to energize yourself. To draw in air prana through the hands, just concentrate on the hand chakras and simultaneously do pranic breathing.

You can also use the same principle to draw in tree prana - but, WARNING that will kill the tree. Don't do that.

Pranic Breathing

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