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Pregnant w omen s hould be energized s lowly and g ently. O ver energizing or i ntense a nd prolonged energizing should be avoided—especially on the navel, sex, and basic chakras. Over e nergizing or in tense e nergizing on any of t hese three c hakras may h ave drastic negative effects on th e unb orn c hild. T he m eng m ein c hakra s hould no t be e nergized because if this chakra is intensely energized for a lo ng time, the unborn child may be stillborn. The treatment for pregnant women who have difficulty in giving birth is as follows:

1) Apply sweeping and energizing very gently on the navel chakra. This will ease labor and facilitate childbirth.

2) To reduce the pain, apply sweeping and energizing very gently on the sex chakra.

3) If her back is painful, apply sweeping on the lower back portion about four times. Do not energize the meng mein chakra.

To facilitate and hasten the recovery of a woman who has just given birth you would do the following:

a. Apply general sweeping.

b. Apply localized sweeping and energizing on the basic, sex, navel, and solar plexus chakras.

c. Repeat the treatment twice a day for five days. The mother should show remarkable improvement in two or three days.

There are ways to help prevent miscarriage. Women who have a tendency to miscarry have a depleted sex chakra and basic chakra. The navel chakra is partially depleted. The following treatment is applicable for women who are not pregnant but with a tendency to miscarry:

a) Apply general sweeping.

b) Apply l ocalized s weeping and e nergizing on the s ex, b asic, n avel, and s olar plexus chakras.

c) Repeat the treatment twice a week for two months.

For pregnant women who have a history of miscarriage, and who are experiencing abdominal pain, the treatment is as follows:

a. Scan the body thoroughly.

b. Apply sweeping very gently on the navel, sex, and basic chakras, as well as on the abdominal area.

c. Energize the navel chakra and sex chakra very gently and slightly.

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The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

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