The Pineal Gland as a Sensor of PRANA or QI

How, and w ith w hich parts of t heir b odies, do liv ing c reatures sense c hanges in th e electromagnetic field? Here I would like to i ntroduce a n i nteresting experiment: A tiny electrode was inserted into the pineal gland of the exposed brain of a guinea pig, and a helmholtz coil was set around the animal's head. We then created an artificial magnetic field, and c hecked t he reaction of t he n erve cells in th e pineal g land. T he am ount of electric discharge was seen to change with changes to the magnetic field (Figure 1-2). This reaction was visible only in the pineal gland, leading us to deduce that the pineal gland reacts to the magnetic field.

Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is a small structure projecting from the midbrain (diencephalon) to the back in vertebrates (Figure 1-3). In fish, amphibians, and reptiles, it is thought to play a role in response to light.

Images Pineal Gland Midbrain

It secretes a hormone called m elatonin and controls th e function of reproduction. I n birds, the pineal gland controls circadian rhythms and is probably involved in their flight navigation by providing information on the direction of the sunlight and the magnetism of the earth. In the case of h uman beings, the Yin-Tang (an acupuncture point on the forehead) is thought to interact with the pineal gland. This acupuncture point is known as Ajina-Chakra in Yoga, and generally is known as a "third eye".

This so-called "third eye" is a very important element in qigong training. Practicing these qigong exercises will make it possible to let QI in or out with a QI ball through the Ajina-Chakra by stimulating this point.

Human Pancreas Images

Energy routes are: DU Channel for the center line of the back of the human body, and the REN Channel for the front. The DU Channel includes the spinal cord, the ad renal glands, the h ypothalamus, and th e p ituitary gland, all of w hich are th e main c enters

. Alone the REN Channel lie the thyroid, thymus, pancreas, celiac plexus, and the gonads, or the controlling the functions of the intestines and the hormones. autonomic nervous system.

main organs of the

The Pranic System

Modern biological research has shown that these autonomic functions can be controlled by the power of the mind. It is also known that some Yoga masters are able to easily control their autonomic functions. In Yoga this is done by developing Chakras. In qigong, one can use QI instead, and reach that same level by practicing the Microcosmic Orbit method. W hen t he a utonomic n ervous s ystem is d eveloped by m eans of t he Microcosmic Orbit, it becomes possible for all kinds of illnesses to be healed. When QI is able to circulate well through the REN and DU channels that control the twelve meridians, problems of QI blockage are solved.

However, the DU and the REN channels cross right on the acupuncture points on the center line of the twelve meridians.

How to master the Microcosmic Orbit method:

1. Make your backbone straight, flexible, and strong.

2. Comprehend the reality of QI and of the "QI ball."

3. Learn techniques for strengthening and moving the QI ball.

4. Activate first the downward meridian, and then the upward. S. In men, QI usually circles upward through the DU Channel and downward through the REN Channel. For women, the flow of QI is usually opposite: downward through the DU, and upward through the REN, channels.

Making a QI - PRANA Ball

The quickest way to learn how to sense QI involves learning to make a QI ball between your palms with QI energy. If you are full of QI energy, you will sense warmth, a feeling like the repulsion produced by two magnets, or minute, tingling vibrations in your palms. If you lack QI energy, it will be difficult to feel anything right away.

Release f consciousness of the qi connecting your (iogortipft and makes 7/ball.

How to make a QI ball

1. First, form the shape of a b all with the fingertips of both your hands touching (thumb to thumb, forefinger to fore-finger, etc.), as if you were holding a real ball.

2. Now, pull your hands apart slowly. Maintain a slight distance (about 5 millimeters) between your fingertips. Concentrating your mind at t he ti ps of your t humbs, move your th umbs gently. Repeat t his m ovement with the rest of your fingers one by one, then with two fingers together, and then with three and four, and finally all the fingers. You may feel a tingling sensation in your fingertips, or you may feel as if your fingertips were connected with invisible rubber. This means that you are nearly aware of QI.

3. When y our t humbs and f ingers are all c onnected w ith QI, k eep m oving t hem slowly. This will increase the QI sensation between your palms. When you move your thumb and the little finger of one hand, so that they form a c ircle without touching, you may feel a tingling or some tension in the center of your palm. This is t he ac upuncture p oint k nown as L ao-Gong. Y ou m ight h ave m ore d ifficulty connecting these points than in connecting your thumbs and fingers. But these

Taiji Palm Point Lao Gong
[rnagine tbaL your Lao Gong pginUi and your fingertips are alJ connected witjrt qt.

Making a qi hall.

Release f consciousness of the qi connecting your (iogortipft and makes 7/ball.

are very important points, through which you can absorb or release QI. Be perseverant. When your th umbs, all y our fingers, and the Lao-Gong points are connected with QI, you can increase your QI sensation by moving your hands, thumbs, and fingers slowly.

4. Next, r elease t he c onsciousness o f QI that w as c onnecting y our th umbs, fingertips, and the Lao-Gong points. You should be able to sense a n i nvisible QI ball between your palms. When this QI ball is strengthened with the exercises of the Micro/Macrocosmic Orbit methods, you will see a hazy ball of light between your fingers or palms. This is most likely caused by photons, which relate to biotic phenomena and functions. Don't worry, though, if you don't see anything. You've just started, and many people cannot see anything at the beginning.

When you start using external QI, you may d iscover that you have various paranormal abilities.

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