Three Things To Avoid In Pranic Healing

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1) Do not energize the eyes directly. They are very delicate and are easily overdosed with prana if directly energized. This may damage the eyes in the long run. The eyes can be energized through the back of the head or through the area, between the eyebrows. There is a c hakra ( energy c enter) i n e ach of t hese loc ations. 11 is safer to en ergize through the ajna chakra ("third eye"). If the eyes are already sufficiently energized, the excess prana would just flow to other parts of the body.

2) Do not directly and intensely energize the heart for a long time. It is quite sensitive and delicate. T oo m uch p rana and t oo i ntense e nergizing m ay c ause s evere p ranic congestion of the heart. The heart can be energized through the back of the spine near the heart area. In energizing the heart through the back, prana flows not only to the heart but to other parts of the body. This reduces the possibility of pranic congestion on the heart. If the heart is energized through the front, the flow of prana is localized around the heart area, thereby increasing the possibility of pranic congestion.

3) Do not apply too intense and too much prana on infants, very young children (2

years old and younger), or very weak and old patients.

With infants and very young children, their chakras (energy centers) are still small and not quite strong. Very weak and very old patients have chakras that are also weak.

Too much prana or too intense energizing has a choking effect on their chakras. This is similar to the choking reaction of a very thirsty person who drinks too much water in too short a time. The ability of very weak and old patients to assimilate prana is very slow. These types of patients should be energized gently and gradually. They should be allowed to rest and assimilate prana for about fifteen to twenty minutes before you attempt to energize them again. If the solar plexus chakra (energy center) is suddenly over energized, resulting in the choking effect on the chakra, the patient may suddenly become pale and may have difficulty breathing.

Should this happen, apply localized sweeping immediately on the solar plexus area. The patient will be relieved immediately. This type of case is rare and is presented only to show the reader what to do in case something like this happens.

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