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1. Scan the patient thoroughly.

2. Apply l ocalized s weeping and e nergizing on the s ex, b asic, n avel, and s olar plexus chakras.

3. Repeat the treatment twice a week for as long as necessary. URINATION - BED WETTING

For grown up children who are still bedwetting, apply the same treatment for frequent urination.

Important Moments

Necessary Time - DELAY

The rate of healing of the bioplasmic body is much faster than the rate of healing of the visible physical body.

For example, even though the heart area has been thoroughly cleansed, energized and looks quite bright, a patient may claim that he or she has experienced only very slight relief after the pranic treatment.

However, substantial relief and improvement may be experienced after a few hours or after a day or two.

This delay is especially common in more severe cases. The degree of delay will depend on whether there is organic damage or not, the degree of damage, the age and the condition of the patient's body.


This depends o n s everal fa ctors—the frequency of tr eatment, th e a ge and phy sical condition of the patient, the patient's degree of receptivity, the presence of interfering or causal factors which delay or prevent healing from manifesting, the degree of damage, the nature of t he ailme nt, the s kill of t he pranic h ealer, the d egree of c ooperation f rom the patient, and in some cases, the use of other forms of healing or treatment to complement pranic healing.

The a pproach i n he aling s hould b e i ntegrated. T he r ate of r elief fo r severe a nd s imple ailments may ran ge from a f ew min utes to a few d ays. I n g eneral, the t ime i t t akes to completely cure a simple ailment using pranic healing alone ranges from a few minutes to a few days; for chronic or more severe ailments, it may range from a few days to a few months. In some cases, the cure is even dramatic or miraculous. But not all ailments and not all patients can be cured.


Several factors may contribute to the immediate recurrence of the symptoms after pranic treatment. For example, localized sweeping may n ot h ave been a pplied or e nergizing was not done sufficiently.

Symptoms may recur if general sweeping is not applied on a patient with holes in the outer aura; therefore prana continues to leak o ut causing pranic depletion on t he treated part again.

Sometimes the projected prana is not stabilized, causing it to simply escape or leak out from the body.

If you do not use the bioplasmic waste disposal unit, the diseased bioplasmic matter is still connected to the patient's bioplasmic body.

If the patient is not sufficiently energized, it may cause the diseased bioplasmic matter to be drawn back. (And if the patient tries to recall or keeps recalling how his or her ailment feels, most likely the diseased bioplasmic matter may be attracted again to the bioplasmic body.)


The patient may not be receiving the right pranic treatment due to improper scanning.

For instance, difficulty in moving the arm could be caused by pranic congestion in the heart chakra, the solar plexus chakra or the meng mein chakra. So just treating the arm will give temporary relief but not a permanent result.

Insufficient energizing and insufficient frequency of pranic treatment may be the reason the patient doesn't heal.

Certain ail ments may r equire o ther forms of treatment. Fo r i nstance, ailme nts d ue to malnourishment or improper diet will require that eating habits be changed.

Perhaps the patient is simply too old, too weak, or too sickly to be healed.

For certain unexplained factors, some aged patients just do not retain a large portion of the projected prana. This does not mean, however, that old or sickly patients should be ignored. On the contrary, they should be given proper care and treatment.

You might also consider that the disease is of karmic origin and that the appropriate time for complete healing has not yet arrived. The patient may not have yet learned the lesson that he or she is supposed to learn. Books written by Edgar Cayce provide a lot of information about karma in relation to disease.

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