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Qigong is sort of breathing exercise, practiced in China; by controlling your mind and body you can control and balance the energy in the body and help the body to heal.

Hearing music coming out of a radio might seem mysterious or magical or supernatural to someone who's never heard of a radio. You can't see the radio waves. You can't touch them. But, they're real.

Scientists still don't know why we sleep. The heart still functions while we sleep. The blood still flows. The lungs breathe. Your brain is still active. So are your muscles, just ask anyone who tosses and turns a lot. But, physiologically there is no reason for sleep. So, why do we sleep? Sleeping is a natural meditation. Sleep is one of the ways to help balance the energy in our bodies. That's why we need sleep. Qigong is all about energy balance and sleep is one type of Qigong. Physical activity is the Yang part of our everyday life. Sleep is the Yin part of everyday life. As in all things, Yin and Yang need to be in good balance. Sleeping is a passive way of practicing Qigong.

How long the QIGONG exists!? Who has created it!?

According to our research, the qigong exists from the beginning of the Chinese civilization. So, we cannot say that it has been created within that civilization; we can only conclude that it was inherited, but from whom - some ancient civilization.

Archaeologists around the world have discovered an organism called trilobite that existed between 600 and 260 million years ago. This kind of organism disappeared 260 million years ago. An American scientist has discovered a trilobite fossil with a human footprint on it; the footprint was clearly printed on the fossil by a person in shoes. Isn't this mocking historians? How could there be human beings 260 million years ago?

Make Uranium Ore

Another example is the Gabon Republic in Africa and uranium ore at OKLO. Gabon cannot make uranium on its own and exports the ore to developed countries. In 1972, a

French manufacturer imported its uranium ore. After lab tests, by French physicist Francis Perrin, the uranium ore was f ound to h ave b een already extracted a nd u tilized, and th at is on ly a d eposit of t he u sed u ranium. Fifteen different (storage) p laces h ave been f ound in t hree different ore d eposits at t he OKLO mine i n Gabon. Approximate time: about 2 billion years ago.

Tatunka Nara

It is th us b elieved th at after eac h of t he m any tim es w hen h uman c ivilizations w ere annihilated, only a small number of people survived and start again ... is it possible that human history is repeated every 6,000 years over and over again - as TATUNKA NARA said to journalist Karl Brugger ("Chronic of Akakor"). From Buddhist scriptures we can also find some related statements. Sakyamuni once said that he succeeded in cultivation practice many hundred millions of kalpa ago. And one kalpa is a number for hundred millions of years. Such a huge number is simply inconceivable.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Qigong also spelled Ch'i Kung is a potent system of healing and energy medicine from China. It's the art and science of utilizing breathing methods, gentle movement, and meditation to clean, fortify, and circulate the life energy qi.

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