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To my Respected Teacher Mei Ling and others for instruction and blessings.

To Mike Nator and others for hejping me with esoteric experiments and clairvoyantly monitoring them.

To my wife for assisting me so that I could write this book.

To Dr. Rolando Carbonell, Marilou Guillen, and Lynn Payno for their valuable advice and for editing the work.

To Benny Gantioqui for the air brush paintings and illustrations.

And to all those who gave help and support.

Dedicated to myparentsy to my Respected Teachers, especially Mei Ling, and to my two countries, the Philippines and China,

A Preview

HAUNTED ARE those who feel they have the gods at their beck and call and daemons on their backs. Clairvoyants say this is not just a feeling but a fact. We all are haunted by two "phantoms"—an inner and an outer aura that follow the contours of the physical body and compose the luminous energy field in which we live and move and have our being. When we sicken, it's because of an energy "leak" in either the inner or the outer aura.

Choa Kok Sui, who has been working with paranormal healing for twenty years, does not believe that any special, inborn healing power is needed to perform paranormal cures. "I am not a clairvoyant nor was I born with any healing ability. If I could learn how to heal effectively, then you can also! All that one needs is the willingness to heal." In fact, his policy is to have every patient learn how to cure him or herself. His purpose is to make "what's considered paranormal healing today quite common and normal a few decades from now." And the cases he cites fascinate us because they sound so commonplace.

A musician named Romualdo, 49, was diagnosed as suffering from cardiac injury and cholesterol deposits in the heart. While undergoing medical treatment, he was urged by his son to try pranic healing at the same time, which he did, under Choa Kok Sui. After several sessions, Choa Kok Sui told him: uYou are already cured!" When the musician was inspected by his cardiologist, the latter was astonished to find that the patient had recovered so instantaneously, and without hospitalization. An X-ray disclosed no heart damage; he was fit to work. Romualdo is convinced it was the pranic treatment that hastened his cure.

A housewife, 24, was two months pregnant with her first child when she suffered bleeding and stomach pains. Her doctor thought she might miscarry; the medicine he gave her stopped the bleeding but not the stomach pains. Finally she went to Choa Kok Sui, who treated her only once and for only five minutes. But the pain disappeared immediately, and her pregnancy was not aborted.

A lawyer, 68, had shaking hands, weak knees and chest pains. Ten years of medical treatment failed to stop the spasms and the pains. 'Then Choa Kok Sui treated me, praying over me several times. I felt my body becoming lighter, and my muscle being activated. Also, something was being cleansed from my body by some mysterious force. Now I can eat without assistance because my hands no longer shake; I can now walk faster; and I experience chest pains only when I am very tired or emotionally upset."

Do these cases prove that pranic healing works? Choa Kok Sui says that prana, or ki, is the vital energy or life force called pneuma by the Greeks, mana by the Polynesians, and ruah (breath of life) by the Jews. "The healer projects prana into the patient, thereby healing him." There are three major sources of prana. From the sun comes the solar prana that invigorates and that can be absorbed by sunbathing and drinking sun-exposed water, but too much solar prana can harm because it is so potent. From the air comes the ozone prana most effective when acquired through deep slow rhythmic breathing and through the energy centers (called chakras) of the inner and outer aura, which is our ethereal body or envelope. From the earth comes the ground prana that enters through the soles of our feet.

Moreover, says Choa Kok Sui, trees and plants absorb prana from sun, air and ground and exude a lot of excess prana: "Tired or sick people benefit much by lying down under trees. Better results can be obtained by verbally requesting the being of the tree to help the sick person get well. Prana can be projected to another person for healing: people who are depleted tend to absorb prana from those with an excess of it. This is why you may have encountered people who tend to make you feel tired or drained for no apparent reason." Said Jesus: "Someone has touched me, power has gone from me."

The pranic healer must sensitize fingertips and eyes so he or she can "feel" and "scan" the aura (or ethereal body) of the patient and thus verify where the sickness or energy "leak" is. But this requires no clairvoyance or psychic power, according to Choa Kok Sui.

"You do not even have to tense your muscles or exert extraordinary effort when you will or intend. You don't have to visualize or close your eyes. When you perform with understanding, expectation and concentration, you are already willing\ The degree of concentration required is not extraordinary. The degree of concentration used in reading a book is sufficient to perform pranic healing." Among the religious, regular meditation is advisable and the treatment should begin with a prayer and invocation.

"Pray for a few minutes any religious prayer you are used to. Then mentally recite the healing invocation: Lord, make me thy heeding instrument. Let my entire being be filled with compassion for others who are suffering. Lord, let your healing and regenerating power flow through this body. With thanks and in full faith! The invocation should be repeated twice with humility, sincerity, reverence, and intense concentration. Then place your hand on the affected area and mentally recite: In His name, you are clean, whole and perfect! You are healed! So be it! Continue the invocation until you feel that the patient will be all right."

Once, suffering from a severe headache, Choa Kok Sui, instead of seeking treatment, experimented by listening to soothing music, and found the headache reduced.

"So, relaxing the mind helps the body heal itself. I have observed that focusing on the pain and trying to remove it makes healing difficult. But ignoring the pain and diverting attention to something pleasant speeds up the rate of healing."

From this he has moved on to the practice of training patients to heal themselves.

"The patients should be instructed to drink energized water and to recuperate under a big tree. Some patients even go to the extent of embracing the tree. Those who are religious should pray regularly, requesting the Lord to make them whole and perfect again. Others who are not the praying type can be taught how to contact spiritual guides through visualizing. For example, they can visualize they're in a beautiful garden among beings of light. The visualization does not have to be clear, just enough to divert their attention from their ailments and discomforts. Their condition will improve; their pain will be alleviated."

Choa Kok Sui has organized this information into a book that's lucid and readable. Even people who tend to shy away from things mystical and unearthly may gain a number of pointers from his practical manual on paranormal healing.

As he says in amen after every session: "With thanks! So be it!"

Nick Joaquin Philippine Daily Inquirer


THERE IS a depth and breadth in pranic healing that is not yet understood by the casual observer. It is a distinct system of healing based on its own philosophy of life and the supreme realization that there is a basic vital energy in the human body which is responsible for the maintenance of health.

Presented here for the first time is a comprehensive study and practical manual by a competent Oriental healer which will throw a new light on the healing process itself. It is, in fact, a pioneering work of historical magnitude, and is based on the author's almost two decades of research and study in esoteric sciences. While this healing approach may astound some orthodox views, its final merit is proven through the efficacy of results in healing. Fortunately enough, with ongoing research efforts and amazing discoveries in the realm of psychic phenomena and paranormal healing, modern instruments are now able to measure and photograph this energy field which exists around the physical organism.

Long before the advent of modern science, ancient sages and healers affirmed the presence of the human aura. In the Bible, reference is made in Genesis to the "breath of life" which holds the very key to human existence, a seemingly mysterious force that animates and sustains life. It has also been affirmed that the movement and quality of circulation, rhythm, and purity of prana is what determines the quality of our health, even our emotional states and modes of thinking. We can no longer ignore that nonphysical components and processes within the physical or material dimension exist.

In fact, the more we know about the body, the more we are mystified at its wonderful working precision. No machine, for instance, can repair its own broken parts, but the body does this through the vital energy or prana it breathes, the water it drinks, and the food it consumes.

At the present stage of evolution, we are little aware of the pranic forces, and consequently heavily identify ourselves with matter, deluding ourselves into thinking that we are the body. Well-known authority on Toga and Medicine, Dr. Steven Brena, wrote in his book that:

Man also forgets that matter is nothing else but condensed energy in continuous transformation. He wastes vital energy to feed his senses with a variety of stimulations, born out of an unending chain of material desires. The more he dwells on matter, the more he needs 'fleshly5 nutrition to keep himself alive, and the more he burns out oxygen, the less he feels the pranic forces within himself. This situation makes him sink into matter, and with less prana, he becomes depleted.1

We certainly owe much to Choa Kok Sui for his many years of research in the study of pranic healing. He is showing us the way to live according to the laws of nature. This is evident in his discussions on karma and the principle of love. It is also in the spirit of reverence and humility that the author infuses a breath of spiritual significance to his work, especially in his chapter on meditation on the two hearts (Illumination Technique).

Written in a simple, direct and straightforward manner and without any elaborate or abstruse language characteristic of scientific and technical or scholarly studies, Choa Kok Sui goes directly to the very core of the principle he is espousing—and proceeds to explain the process of pranic healing, which he asserts most people can immediately learn and experience. You will shortly discover the amazing yet easy-to-follow techniques on healing.

Pranic Healing offers us a practical and comprehensive guide to cure a variety of ailments: fever and colds, ulcers and stomach disorders, migraine and tension headaches, toothache, lung and breathing problems,

"Dr. Steven Brena, Yoga, and Medicine. This book is now out of print, but you may be able to find a copy in a used book shop.

arthritis, glaucoma, back pains, heart troubles, disorders of internal organs, muscle pain, high blood pressure, insomnia, and many others. It is not only an effective, simple, and inexpensive form of healing therapy, but is also the safest and most practical. What makes it even more appealing are the instantaneous results people sometimes experience even after only going through a single session.

If he speaks with authority, it is because he has devoted two decades of his life in the study and practice of esoteric sciences, yoga systems, and paranormal subjects. Choa Kok Sui is, however, far from being a reclusive mystic or an ivory tower scientist. He is a rare combination of the practical and the spiritual.

I personally know him as an authentic healer of the first caliber, as a guru (a reluctant one), and above all, as a humanitarian. It is perhaps this deep loving kindness that impelled him to publish this book, which may become one of the most important health care revolutions of this century.

Quantum changes are occurring in all fields of human endeavor. One of the most phenomenal of these changes is happening in the field of healing and spiritual enlightenment. As an observer of the new age phenomenon, I believe that the time has come for sharing the efficacy of pranic healing.

David Spangler, another spokesman of the new age, summarizes the current situation in a quotation from his lecture entitled "Revelation: The Birth of a New Age":

A new world is taking birth. This world already exists and in a sense, its energies are precipitating out into form.

People throughout the world are beginning to attune to this energy, because in their higher consciousness they are already part of that world. They are citizens of it, though they may not know it consciously. Through the power of their lives, in their individual and collective demonstration, they provide precipitation points.

I have strong reasons to believe that this book is one of those significant precipitation points. It will provide a landmark in the field of health and healing which is destined to effect changes in our lifestyle and way of thinking.

I have personally benefited from the tremendous effects of pranic healing. And I fully endorse this technique that I consider a boon and a gift to humanity. As one who has engaged in personal research on the healing arts and human science since 1963, not only in the Philippines but all over the world—I must say that pranic healing is the most unique, though less dramatic, of them all. The drama lies in its effectiveness.

May this book be both a grace and a blessing to you, as it has been to me. And may you experience, too, not only the joy of being healed— but importantly, the git of healing itself—which is extending the frontiers of loving service to everyone.

Rolando A. Carbonell, Ph.D. World Fellow, International Institute of Integral Human Science Montreal, Canada

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