Distant Cleansing And Energizing

Distant cleansing and energizing are a lot easier and faster to learn. There are two methods that you can use:

Method 1

1) Do pranic breathing. Visualize the patient in front of you. Do not visualize the patient as very far from you since this would tend to condition your mind that the entire endeavor is very difficult.

2) Visualize or imagine that you are applying general and localized sweeping on the parts to be treated. Dispose of the diseased bioplasmic matter by visualizing a fire or a ball of light as bright as the sun beside you and the diseased matter being thrown into it. Continue cleansing until the treated parts look brighter.

3) Energize the affected chakras and parts to be treated. Continue energizing until the treated parts look quite bright and healthy or until you feel the treated parts have enough prana. You just simply feel the patient has enough prana or the treated part is already full and is no longer absorbing prana.

4) Get up and open your eyes. Scan the patient to determine whether he or she has been properly treated. If not, repeat the entire process until the treated parts have substantially improved. Wash your hands after the treatment.

Method 2

1) Let the patient sit in front of you and close your eyes.

2) Visualize a brilliant ball of light on top of the patient. Visualize a stream of white light washing the head area and gradually going down and cleansing the entire body. Gather the diseased bioplasmic matter and dispose of it properly.

3) Visualize the grayish matter in the affected part as becoming less dense and lighter. Will it to come out or see it as floating out.

4) The diseased bioplasmic matter can be disposed of by willing it to disintegrate immediately or by visualizing the grayish matter as gradually thinning out, or you can simply visualize a fire and throw the diseased bioplasmic matter into it.

5) Energize the affected parts. This is done by visualizing a ball of light (pranic ball) being formed and projecting it to the affected part.

6) Open your eyes and rescan the patient. Give further treatment if required.

The difference between Method 1 and Method 2 is that in Method 1, prana is being drawn into the body of the healer before projecting it to the patient. In Method 2, prana is drawn from the surroundings and projected directly to the patient without passing through the body of the healer. You can also combine Method 1 and Method 2.

After you have become proficient, you can try healing familiar patients at a distance. Then you can gradually try new patients.

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