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There is a minor chakra in each foot. This chakra is called the sole chakra. By concentrating on the sole chakras and simultaneously doing pranic

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breathing, you can tremendously increase the amount of ground prana absorbed through the sole chakras. (See figure 26.) Concentrating on the sole chakras activates them to a certain degree. Pranic breathing greatly facilitates or helps the sole chakras in drawing in ground prana. Drawing in ground prana is one way of energizing yourself. Ground prana seems to be more effective in healing the visible physical body than air prana. For example, wounds and fractured bones seem to heal faster with ground prana than air prana.

This technique of drawing in ground prana or earth ki is practiced in Chinese esoteric martial art, known as ki kung, the art of generating internal power.

1) Remove your shoes. Leather shoes and rubber shoes reduce the drawing in of prana by 30-50 percent.

Pranic Triangle

2) Press the hollow portion of your feet with your thumbs to make concentration easier.

3) Concentrate on the soles of the feet and do pranic breathing simultaneously. Do this for about ten cycles.

You can Use the same principle to draw in air prana or tree prana through the hand chakras to energize yourself. To draw in air prana through the hands, just concentrate on the hand chakras and simultaneously do pranic breathing. (See figure 27.) To draw in tree prana through the hand chakras, choose a big healthy tree and ask mentally or verbally the permission of the tree to draw in its excess prana. (See figure 28.) Put your hands on the trunk of the tree or near it. Concentrate on the center of your palms and simultaneously do pranic breathing. Do this for ten

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cycles and thank the tree for the prana. Some of you may experience numbness or a tingling sensation throughout the body. Once esoteric principles and techniques are fully explained, they are usually very simple.

After energizing yourself, it is advisable to circulate the prana throughout the body. Visualize yourself filled with light or prana and circulate the prana continuously from the back to the front several times, then from the front to the back several times also.

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