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Prana is drawn in by using pranic breathing and projected through one or both of the hand chakras. You can practice the following exercise to energize yourself and others.

1) Do pranic breathing slowly for about three to five cycles and simultaneously calm and still your mind.

2) Continue doing pranic breathing and simultaneously put your hand or hands near the part to be treated. Concentrate on the center of your palm or palms.

3) Will or direct the projected pranic energy to the affected chakra, then to the affected part. This is a critical factor, and in many cases would produce rapid relief since the affected part or organ will be quickly provided with sufficient pranic energy. Your attention should be primarily focused on the hand chakra (or chakras) and on directing the pranic energy, and less on the breathing.

4) Stop energizing when you intuitively sense the patient has enough prana or vital energy. Rescan the patient to determine whether he or she is sufficiently energized. In level 1 (or elementary pranic healing), you were instructed to stop energizing when you feel a slight repulsion or a cessation of flow of energy. As you become more advanced in healing, this guideline is no longer valid because your pranic energy level becomes much higher compared to that of the patient. To equalize your pranic energy level with the affected part of the patient may result in pranic congestion on the part being treated.

5) If the patient has severe infection, burns, or cuts, then the treatment has to be repeated after half an hour or an hour. These cases consume pranic energy at a very fast rate; therefore, the treatments have to be repeated more frequently.

6) For pranic healers who are in the process of becoming proficient, relieving simple ailments may require five to seven breathing cycles and more serious ailments may require about twelve cycles or more. This is just to give you a rough idea. You may energize using your palm chakras or your finger chakras or both simultaneously.

Energizing should always be done simultaneously with pranic breathing. It is preferable to do pranic breathing for three to five cycles before you start energizing and to continue pranic breathing for two cycles after you have stopped energizing. This is to prevent possible general pranic depletion on the part of the healer.

Double Energizing

There are two types of double energizing or energizing with two hands: parallel double energizing and non-parallel double energizing. See figures 29 and 30 (on page 86). In parallel double energizing, simply place your hands facing and parallel to each other with the affected part in between

Pranic Breathing
Figure 29. Parallel double energizing.
Pranic Healing
Figure 30. Non-parallel double energizing.

them. In non-parallel double energizing, your hands are directed at the affected part but are not parallel to each other. In parallel double energizing, an intense energy field is created causing the hand to rhythmically expand and contract. A tingling sensation is felt, not only in the affected part, but also in other parts of the body. At times the patient may even feel a slight electric shock. Double energizing is usually used in cases that require a tremendous amount of prana. Cleansing must be done before double energizing. Double energizing can also be used to quickly relieve simple ailments or illnesses mentioned in level 1.

Energizing: Distributive Sweeping Technique

Energizing with the use of the distributive sweeping technique simply means the use of sweeping to redistribute excess prana from other parts of the body to the ailing part:

1) Clean the ailing part by applying localized sweeping.

2) Sweep the excess prana with your hand from the surrounding parts and chakras to the treated part.

This type of energizing is quite effective in healing simple ailments. But is not so effective in more serious cases since these types of ailments require a tremendous amount of prana.

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