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Scan the whole body with emphasis on the seven major chakras, the spine, the lungs, the abdomen, and the soles of the feet. People suffering from fever usually have small inner auras of about two inches or less.

Clean the whole body thoroughly by applying general sweeping four or five times. Clean and energize the hand chakras, and the sole chakras at the feet. (See figure 17.) This is to partially activate and energize the hand and sole chakras; thereby increasing their capacity to absorb ground and air prana. This will gradually and steadily energize the whole body, providing sufficient prana or vital energy to fight the infection.

Clean and energize the front solar plexus chakra and the navel. This is very important and is a critical factor in rapidly bringing down the fever. (See figure 18 on page 61 for chakra locations.) Fever is usually caused by pulmonary infection. If the throat chakra, the back heart chakra, and the lungs are affected, then apply localized sweeping and energizing on them.

When this technique is done properly, most patients will show dramatic improvement in an hour or less. On rare cases, some patients may experience a slight increase in temperature in the first two hours. This is partly due to the radical reaction and the intensified fight between the germs and the white corpuscles.

The treatment should be given two to three times a day to greatly increase the rate of healing. The patient is likely to recover in less than a day or two.

How Energise Chakras
Figure 17. Pranic treatment for fever. (A) shows how to energize the hand chakras; (B) shows how to energize the feet.
Gong Fever

Front Solar Plexus Chakra

Navel Chakra

Figure 18. The chakras involved when treating fever.

Front Solar Plexus Chakra

Navel Chakra

Figure 18. The chakras involved when treating fever.

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