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If your body is quite weak (or if infection is involved), then general cleansing and energizing should be applied. This is necessary not only to energize yourself but also to seal the holes in the outer aura and to partially disentangle the health rays. There are several ways that you can do this.

Method 1: Pranic Breathing

Diffuse or scatter your consciousness to all parts of your body. Do pranic breathing for ten cycles. Inhale slowly. Will and feel prana going into all parts of your body. Exhale slowly and visualize grayish diseased matter being expelled from all parts of the body. Visualize the health rays as being straight. After doing pranic breathing for about ten breathing cycles, meditate on your navel for about ten minutes and simultaneously do pranic breathing before ending the session. When you become proficient, you will feel pranic energy going into all parts of your body.

Method2: Visualization Approach

Do pranic breathing. Visualize yourself or another person applying general sweeping, localized sweeping and energizing with prana to your body. Visualize and will your body becoming brighter, the health rays becoming disentangled, and the outer aura brighter. Be sure to dispose of the dirty diseased bioplasmic matter.

Method 3: Meditation on the White Light

This method of general cleansing and energizing is usually called meditation on the white light or meditation on the middle pillar. The middle pillar technique has been used by various oriental and occidental esoteric schools. This technique is divided into two parts. The first part deals with general cleansing and energizing. The second part deals with the circulation of prana.

Part I: General Cleansing and Energizing

1) Do pranic breathing and simultaneously visualize a ball of intense bright light above the crown.

2) Visualize a stream of light coming down from the ball to the crown, then gradually down to the feet. Visualize the white light cleansing and energizing all the major chakras, all the important organs, the spine, and the bones in the body.

3) Visualize the white light coming out of the feet and flushing out all the grayish diseased matter. Repeat the process three times.

4) Visualize a brilliant ball of light at the bottom of the feet. Draw in earth prana in the form of a stream of light from this brilliant ball of light. Inhale and draw in the prana through the sole chakras up to the head. Exhale and let the prana sprinkle out of the crown chakra. Repeat this three times.

Part 2: Circulating Prana

1) Visualize prana circulating from the bottom of the feet, up to the back of the body, up to the head, down to the face, to the front of the body, then to the feet. Circulate prana from back to front three times.

2) Reverse the circulation and circulate prana from front to back. Circulate three times.

3) Circulate prana from left to right three times and from right to left three times. The purpose of circulating prana is to evenly distribute prana throughout the body and to prevent pranic congestion in certain parts of the body.

This meditation can be used daily to improve and maintain your health. It is also used by some esoteric students before engaging in activities that require a lot of prana. You may perform this meditation before healing a large number of people. Though there are many variations of this meditation, the one presented here is simplified and easy to perform.

Once you become proficient in this meditation, some of you will literally feel your body tingle and will feel a strong current moving within and outside your body.

You may also use the excess prana generated to produce "synthetic ki" or navel ki by concentrating on the navel chakra for about ten minutes. Store the "synthetic ki" in the two secondary navel chakras located two inches below the navel. This is done by simply concentrating on two inches below the navel for about three to five minutes. Pranic breathing should be done simultaneously with the preceding instructions.

Each of the secondary navel chakras has a big flexible meridian that is used for storing navel ki. In short, the two secondary navel chakras are warehouses for the "synthetic ki." The two secondary navel chakras are called ki hai, which means "ocean of ki" because these minor chakras are filled with "synthetic ki." It must be repeated that "synthetic ki" or navel ki is different from prana. The "synthetic ki" is synthesized by the navel chakra and may appear as milky white, whitish red, golden yellow, and other colors. The "synthetic ki" varies in size and in density. Ordinary persons have very little "synthetic ki" compared to spiritual aspirants and practitioners of ki kung.

It would be advisable for you to learn to meditate on the white light and practice it every day. It makes your bioplasmic body cleaner, brighter, and denser, thereby making you a better healer.

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