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As I have said earlier, disease can be caused by internal or external factors or a combination of both. Obviously, the health condition of a person is dependent upon the well-being of the visible physical body, the bioplasmic body, and the psychological health of the patient. Although many of the simple and serious diseases can be healed by pranic healing, it is better to reinforce the healing process by taking herbs or medicinal drugs. If the visible physical body and bioplasmic body are treated simultaneously, obviously the rate of healing would be much faster and more effective than orthodox medicine alone or pranic healing alone. An acupuncturist uses acupuncture to treat the bioplasmic body and herbs to heal the visible body by strengthening the affected organs. Although I only use pranic healing and have obtained amazing results, I do not discourage or prohibit my patients from taking medicine or undergoing surgery. The ancient famous Chinese doctor Hua To was noted not only for his skills in acupuncture and herbs but also for his surgical skills.

Although pranic healing can do a lot of fantastic things, it has its limitations. Sometimes proper diet, physical exercise, taking herbs or medicinal drugs, a change in lifestyle, emotional therapy or surgery is required. It is important to maintain one's objectivity and have a proper perspective of what the different types of healing can do. Extremes and fanaticism should be avoided. Just as it is foolish for doctors trained in orthodox medicine to ignore or sometimes ridicule paranormal healing, it is equally foolish for a pranic healer to ignore what modern medicine is capable of doing and what it has done to cure and alleviate suffering.

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