Holistic Approach To Selfhealing

1) Do physical exercise for five to ten minutes.

2) Apply pranic self healing.

3) Do physical exercise on the treated chakra and organ for a few minutes to facilitate the assimilation of prana by the body.

4) Drink energized water or water that has been exposed to the sun.

5) Rest and recuperate under a big tree (or a big pine tree) to absorb prana from the tree and the ground.

6) Take medication. Faster healing is obtained by simultaneously treating the bioplasmic body and the visible physical body, rather than treating the visible physical body alone or the bioplasmic body alone. As stated in the earlier chapter, the treatment should preferably be holistic or integrated.

7) For severe ailments, consult a reputable pranic healer and a reputable medical doctor.

Eating proper food, drinking enough water, proper breathing, sufficient physical exercise, living a moderate lifestyle, having a calm disposition, and a clear decisive mind would greatly contribute and help maintain physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Healing With Positive Affirmations

Healing With Positive Affirmations

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