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Many ailments are due to bacterial and viral infections. By increasing the pranic or vital energy level of the body, its defense system is strengthened. (See figure 33.)

1) Apply general sweeping.

2) Clean and energize the sole and hand minor chakras. This is to partially activate the sole and hand chakras so they will absorb more prana, thereby increasing the vital energy level of the body.

3) Clean and energize the front solar plexus chakra. This energizes the whole body, especially the internal organs.

4) Clean and energize the navel chakra. This has two major effects: first, energizing and partially activating the navel chakra will cause the spleen chakra to be partially activated and energized so that it will absorb more prana, thereby increasing the vital energy level of the body. Second, the navel chakra is partially activated, thereby producing more "synthetic ki" which increases the ability of the etheric body to absorb more prana.

By increasing the vital energy of the body, the body's resistance or defense system is strengthened. This technique is used to rapidly bring down fever as taught in chapter 4.

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