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It is a common practice by some pranic healers to make an invocation or to say a prayer before starting to heal. The invocation may be directed to God, to divine beings, or to one's spiritual guides. There are some in-vocative pranic healers who may not understand the principles and the mechanics behind the healing process. They just simply feel a tremendous power flowing into their bodies causing the body to vibrate and become warm. Some invocative healers may not be so sensitive that they feel the flow of energy into their bodies. This does not in any way alter the fact that their bodies are being used as channels for healing energy. There are also cases where the inflowing of healing power triggers temporarily the clairvoyant faculty of the healers. Those who practice invocative pranic healing are usually called faith healers or charismatic healers. See figure 40 on page 155.

In invocative healing you are invoking two things: the healing energy and the mighty invisible spiritual beings or healing angels. These mighty spiritual beings or healing angels are the ones manipulating and controlling the healing energy and the bioplasmic body of the patients, thereby ensuring the safety of the patients. The invocative pranic healer should maintain a receptive attitude in order to receive intuitive guidance or instruction. For healers who are quite willful, they should be careful when practicing invocative pranic healing since there is the danger of overener-gizing the patient.

Pranic Healing Divine Healing
Figure 40. Pranic invocative healing—the downpouring of spiritual healing energy.

If it is time for the patient to leave his or her body, the healing angels will not appear. The healer will usually be intuitively aware that there is no response.

Although some invocative pranic healers or faith healers may not be knowledgeable about pranic healing, this does not in any way diminish their potency and effectivity. Some of these healers can heal at a very fast rate and for many hours without getting tired. Even advanced pranic healers would find it difficult to duplicate what invocative pranic healers are capable of doing.

If you intend to go into healing by prayer or invocative pranic healing, then it is advisable that you meditate and pray regularly and request the Lord to make you His instrument for healing.

The invocative healing techniques given below are applicable to all persons of any religious denomination. They are quite potent and effective. One does not have to be religious for it to work; just believe in God and trust that with God everything is possible! The procedure is as follows:

1) Pray for a few minutes any religious prayer that you are used to. Then mentally recite the healing invocation:

Lord, make me Thy healing instrument.

Let my entire being be filled with compassion for others who are suffering. Lord, let Your healing and regenerating power flow through this body. With thanks and in full faith!

The invocation should be repeated two times with intense concentration and full conviction. It should be done with humility, sincerity, and reverence.

2) For those with background in pranic healing, apply pranic treatment on the patient. Thank the Lord for His Divine Blessing after you have finished the treatment. Request the patient to thank the Lord.

3) For those with no background in pranic healing, simply place your hand on the affected area or on the crown chakra or on the ajna chakra. Then mentally recite and invoke:


Thank you for healing this patient! In full faith, so be it!

It is important to maintain the proper attitude that you are only a divine healing channel. Continue your invocation and concentrating on the center of your palm until you feel that the patient will be all right. Be in tune for intuitive instructions. Before ending the treatment, the healer and the patient should give thanks to the Lord.

For simple ailments, the cure is usually instantaneous. For more severe ailments, the relief is fast but complete recovery may require several treatments. Treatment has to be given several times a week depending upon the needs of the patient. Invocative healing can be applied to a group of patients by a healer or it can be done by a group of invocative healers on a patient.

When I do healing, I prefer to use a simpler and shorter invocation:

Father, thank you for making me Thy healing instrument. In full faith!

I mentally recite the above invocation two to three times.

Negative karma sometimes can be neutralized through divine intercession. For students who intend to go full time into healing and who want to practice invocative pranic healing, it is important that they should undergo a period of refining or improving their character. The down-pouring of the healing energy together with the spiritual energy magnifies many times the positive and negative characteristics of the healer, hence, the necessity for self-purification through the daily practice of inner reflection. Also, a person with refined or higher vibration tends to attract entities with similar or higher vibrations while a person with gross or lower vibrations or characteristics tends to attract undesirable entities with similar low vibrations.

Spiritual chanting, singing and dancing are other forms of invocative healing. This type of invocative healing is universal and is used by some Christians, Sufis and people of other religious faiths.

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