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Man lives only as long as he has vital energy in his body. If he lacks vital energy, he dies. Therefore, we should practicepranayama [controlling vital energy through breathing].

Hatha Yoga Pradipika

By rhythmic breathing and controlled thought you are enabled to absorb a considerable amount of prana, and are also able to pass it into the body of another person, stimulating weakened parts and organs and imparting health and driving out diseased conditions.

—Yogi Ramacharaka The Science ofPsychic Healing

Drawing in Prana

WHEN YOU BEGAN THIS STUDY, you learned to draw in prana vthrough one of the hand chakras. Now you will learn pranic breathing in order to absorb or draw in tremendous amounts of prana through the whole body from your surroundings. There are many types of yogic breathing that are used for different purposes. Yogic breathing that enables the practitioner to draw in a lot of prana and facilitates the projection of prana is called pranic breathing.

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