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There are many types of lung ailments (pneumonia, tuberculosis, etc.) but the treatment is more or less the same. (See figure 36 on page 126.)

1) Clean the entire body by applying general sweeping several times. Apply localized sweeping on the lungs (front, sides, and back) and on the back heart chakra. The lungs should be cleansed from all sides. If the front heart chakra is also affected, then it should also be cleansed.

2) Energize the back heart chakra and visualize prana going into all parts of the lungs. It is very important that the lungs and the back heart chakra be highly energized. If the heart is affected, visualize prana going into the heart and the front heart chakra. If the throat is affected, then it should also be treated. If the instructions are followed thoroughly, the patient will be relieved immediately and the tightness on the chest area will be greatly reduced.

3) Some patients with lung ailments are quite debilitated. To strengthen and increase the energy level of the body, clean and energize the front solar plexus chakra, navel chakra, plus the hand and sole minor chakras.

Hip Minor Chakras Pranic Healing
Figure 36. Pranic treatment for lung ailments. Tou will work with the throat, front solar plexus, and navel chakras as well as with the back heart chakra.

4) Apply pranic treatments twice a week until the patient fully recovers. For patients suffering from severe lung infection who are in critical condition, treatment should be given three times a day for the next few days.

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