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Physical exercise plays a vital role in self-healing and in maintaining health. Physical exercises in the form of warmup exercises, dancing, sports, hatha yoga, martial arts or tai chi promote circulation of prana in the body and facilitate the drawing in of fresh prana and the expelling of used-up prana or diseased bioplasmic matter. This is seen clairvoyantly as white fresh prana being drawn in and grayish diseased matter being thrown out when one is exercising. It is better if pranic breathing is done when exercising. There are specific physical exercises in hatha yoga and Taoist yoga to treat specific ailments. The type of exercise can easily be determined by observing and analyzing which part of the body is being moved, bent, compressed or stretched by a specific pose or exercise and the particular chakra located on that part affected by the exercise.

As a matter of fact, you can develop your own exercises or techniques to clean and energize a specific chakra. All you have to do is invent certain motions that would move, bend, compress and stretch that part of the body where the specific chakra is located. Physical exercises also facilitate the assimilation of prana after pranic treatment. A good exercise should consist of a short series of motions that would clean and energize all the major chakras and all the minor chakras on the arms and legs.

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