Pore Breathing Technique

1) Do pranic breathing. Inhale and visualize prana or white light going into the pores of the affected part.

2) Retain your breath for a few seconds and visualize the grayish diseased matter becoming lighter or the affected parts becoming brighter.

3) Exhale and visualize the grayish diseased matter being expelled through the pores and through the health rays. Visualize the health rays being straightened. Straightening the health rays is very important since it is through the health rays that "used up" prana and diseased bioplasmic matter are expelled from the body.

4) Hold your breath for a few seconds and visualize the treated part as becoming brighter.

In pore breathing, you just simply inhale fresh prana through the pore and exhale the grayish diseased matter. Pore breathing is practiced by some students of ki kung or esoteric martial arts and by seme students of hermetic science.

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  • Saba Goytiom
    How to do pore breathing?
    7 years ago
  • lee
    How to take energy from nature by pore breathing?
    3 years ago

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