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The rate of vibration of the bioplasmic body of one person may differ from others. It may be higher or lower. If the bioplasmic body of the healer has a higher rate of vibration than that of the patient, the patient will feel light and may experience a pleasant feeling quite difficult to describe. If the bioplasmic body of the healer has a much lower rate of vibration than that of the patient, the patient may feel heaviness, discomfort, and sometimes pain. The bioplasmic body of the healer is usually more refined than that of the patient.

People who are heavy smokers have a coarser bioplasmic body. The bioplasmic body of a heavy smoker is filled with dirty brown spots. This brownish material partially clogs the nadis or meridians, and negatively affects the health of the smoker. The brown spots are located not only on the lungs but on other parts of the bioplasmic body, causing not only lung ailments but also other types of ailments. When a healer with a more refined bioplasmic body is contaminated by a heavy smoker, the healer would feel stickiness, heaviness and pain on the area being touched. It is very important that the healer be a nonsmoker or should give up smoking because instead of the patient becoming better, the patient might become worse, especially if the part being treated is quite delicate. To fully appreciate this, ask a heavy smoker to energize your arm and observe what happens.

I am not making any moral judgment on smokers. I am just pointing out that smoking has negative effects on the body. And that a pranic healer should not smoke because of the possible harmful effects on the patient. I know a few healers who smoke lightly, and have not reported any negative experience with their patients. But still it is better to avoid unnecessary risks. The dirty brownish matter can be transferred to another person. Just imagine what would happen to the patient if some dirty brownish matter were accidentally transferred to the eyes or heart of the patient.

Sometimes the patient may feel slight pain and heaviness on the part being energized if the healer is tired and has had an emotionally strenuous day. The healer should rest and resume healing the next day or when he or she feels better.

On rare occasions, the patient may have a very refined bioplasmic body or the rate of vibration of the patient's bioplasmic body is much higher than that of the healer. Such a patient, if treated by a healer whose bioplasmic body is coarser, would only experience more discomfort; in such a case, the patient should be treated by a healer whose bioplasmic body is as refined or more refined than that of the patient.

As a healer continues to practice healing, his or her bioplasmic body is gradually being cleansed and refined. The inner aura becomes brighter and denser and he or she becomes a more powerful healer.

Pore Breathing

IN SELF-HEALING, the same basic principles of cleansing and energizing are used. There are several methods of healing oneself. You may use the manual approach, the pore breathing technique, the taoist technique, or the chakral breathing technique.

After long hours at my desk translating Chinese texts, I sometimes felt very tired and nearly exhausted. But five minutes of these yogic breathing exercises would renew my strength and enable me to get on with my work. It cured my rheumatism and gave me instant relief not only when I caught cold but also when I contracted the dreaded Asian flu many years ago.4

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