Releasing The Pranic Energy For Healing

A healer will notice that it is easier to be detached when healing strangers than when healing one's own children, relatives, or close friends. This is caused by the healer's tendency to be too anxious about the results, due to the emotional attachment with the patient. Clairvoyantly, this attachment is seen as an etheric or energy cord linking the healer to the patient. Because of this cord, the projected prana may return to the healer; therefore, the patient may get well slowly, instead of rapidly.

It is important for the healer to be calm and detached, but at the same time thorough, when healing. After treatment, the healer should visualize the etheric cord as being cut. This disconnects the etheric link that causes projected pranic energy to bounce back to the healer.

Furthermore, if the patient is very depleted, there is a possibility that the healer will unknowingly continue to energize the patient even long after treatment. This will cause the healer to be depleted. Again, it is important to be detached when treating patients.

Healing will also be a lot easier if the patient is receptive to it—or doesn't offer strong resistance. Projected prana can be rejected by any patient if he or she is strongly biased against this type of healing, dislikes the healer, or does not really want to get well. It is advisable to establish a rapport with patients to reduce resistance. If there is strong resistance, request that the patient assume the receptive pose during the treatment. Ask the patient to turn his or her palms upward and bend the head slightly downward. Ask the patient to close his or her eyes. This reduces resistance and makes healing a lot easier.

To further increase receptivity, instruct the patient to mentally repeat several times during treatment the following affirmation: "I willingly, fully, and gratefully accept all the healing energy ... in full faith, so be it!" You may also request that the patient mentally visualize his or her body and the affected part being filled with light (pranic energy).

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