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After sensitizing your hands, scan your own palm with your two fingers. Move your fingers slowly and slightly back and forth to feel the inner aura of your palm. Try to feel the thickness of your palm with two of your fingers and try to feel the different layers of the inner aura. Also practice scanning your palm with one finger. Always concentrate on the tips of your fingers when scanning with your fingers. This will activate or further activate the mini finger chakras; thereby sensitizing the fingers.

When scanning with your palms and fingers, always concentrate at the center of your palms and at the tip of your fingers. This will cause the hand and finger chakras to remain activated or to become more activated, thereby making the palms and the fingers more sensitive.

Being able to scan with the palms is not sufficient. You must learn to scan with your fingers. This is required in locating or proper scanning of small trouble spots. It is difficult to scan properly for small trouble spots with the palm because it may only feel the healthier surrounding areas around the small troubled spot. The small trouble spots are sometimes camouflaged by the healthier parts.

For instance, a person with eye problems usually has pranic depletion in the eyes, while the inner aura of the surrounding areas may be normal. Since the palm is quite big and the inner aura of the eyes is about two inches in diameter, it is likely that the palms may feel only the healthy eyebrows and forehead without becoming aware of the small trouble spots. This could be avoided if the fingers were used in scanning. The spinal column should also be scanned by using one or two fingers in order to locate small trouble spots.

In scanning a patient, you do not have to scan the outer and health auras. You were taught how to scan these auras in order to prove to yourself the existence of these auras. What is important is scanning the inner aura of the patient. In scanning the inner aura, it is important to feel the general energy level or the general thickness of the inner aura of the patient. This general energy level will be used as a reference or standard for comparing the conditions of some of the major chakras and vital organs. The accuracy of scanning will be affected if that area is scanned for too long because the scanned area will become partially energized.

It is important that you should be able to feel the pressure when scanning in order to determine the thickness of the inner aura of the part being scanned. Some of you may feel pain in your hands or fingers when in contact with a diseased part. The inner aura has several layers. In scanning the inner aura, you may feel pressure at about five inches and denser or stronger pressure at another layer about two or three inches away from the skin. Sometimes the inner aura of a part may seem normal. But when scanned further within, the next layer will seem rather thin, which means that the part is depleted. In scanning the inner aura, it is important to scan not only its first layer but also its inner layers. An advanced yogi or an advanced practitioner of ki kung has an inner aura that is comparatively big and has many layers. Sometimes the inner aura is more than three feet in thickness.

Scanning is also very useful in determining whether an infant or a child has a hearing or eyesight problem.

In treating serious cases, the eleven major chakras, the relevant minor chakras, all the major and vital organs, and the spine should be scanned thoroughly. It is through proper scanning and correct understanding of the nature of the ailment that the correct treatment can be determined.

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The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

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