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1) It is your duty as a healer to try your best to heal and alleviate the condition of patients.

2) The healer is entitled to charge a reasonable rate for services. The healer should avoid charging excessive fees that would unduly burden the patient.

5Helena Roerich, Foundations of Buddhism (New York: Agni Yoga Society, 1971).

3) Under no circumstances should a healer turn away or neglect a patient due to poverty or inability of the patient to pay.

4) The healer should withhold any information concerning the case of patients to others if the disclosure of such information will or may cause embarrassment to the patient.

5) Under no circumstances should a healer take sexual advantage of patients. Whenever possible or permissible, healing should be done in the open or in front of others. Healing in a closed room with the healer and patient alone should, as much as possible, be avoided and minimized.

Most patients are quite gullible or easily influenced. This is due to two factors: the ability of the healer to produce amazing results; and that some patients do not know what to expect or what will be required of them during pranic healing.

6) Under no circumstances should you, as a healer misuse your power. Power or the ability to manipulate invisible subtle energies is neither good nor bad. Power is good when used constructively, and bad when used for destruction. It becomes bad when there is evil intention and misapplication of power.

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