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General and localized sweeping is more effective when used with pranic breathing since more bioplasmic matter and prana are harnessed to remove diseased bioplasmic matter. When doing pranic breathing, the healer becomes more powerful because the etheric body (or bioplasmic body) becomes brighter and denser.

Just follow the instructions given in the first level of study for applying general and localized sweeping, and simultaneously do pranic breathing. With this type of sweeping, the patient is cleansed and energized simultaneously to a substantial degree. This type of sweeping is quite effective and very often sufficient to heal simple ailments. Sweeping can be done several feet away from the patient and with fewer strokes. You do not have to bother what hand position to use.

You may visualize luminous white prana sweeping and washing the patient from the crown to the feet when doing downward sweeping. Visualize the health rays being straightened. You do not have to do upward sweeping unless the patient is quite sleepy or has weak legs. When doing the upward sweeping, you may visualize the ground prana going up from the sole chakras to the crown chakra. This should be done after the patient has been cleansed sufficiently with downward sweeping. Applying upward general sweeping before applying downward sweeping may result in transferring diseased bioplasmic matter to the head and brain areas. This may result in serious harm to the patient, so don't do it.

You may or may not visualize when you do sweeping. For some healers, sweeping is more effective when accompanied by visualization. What is important is the intention to clean and energize the patient's bioplasmic body.

In sweeping, special attention should be placed on the back bioplasmic channel or the governor meridian3, which interpenetrates the spine, and the front bioplasmic channel or functional meridian, which is opposite to the spine. Except for the spleen chakra, almost all the major chakras are located along these two channels or nadis. Cleansing or applying localized sweeping on these two channels would clean the major chakras located along these two meridians resulting in a much faster rate of healing. You

3Students should obtain a good acupuncture chart or a book on the subject so that you can become familiar with the meridians. The functional meridian is also known as the Triple Warmer.

must remember that all the major and vital organs are energized and controlled by the major chakras.

When applying localized sweeping, visualize the fingers and the hands penetrating into the diseased part and the grayish diseased matter being removed.

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