Teaching Patients How To Heal Themselves

It is advisable for severely sick patients to be taught pranic self-healing even if they are treated by conventional methods or by pranic healing. They can be taught certain physical exercises that will clean and energize the affected chakra and organ. Pore breathing or the Taoist healing technique can also be taught. The patients should be supervised regularly in order to correct possible pranic congestion due to pore breathing.

The patients should be instructed to drink energized water and to recuperate under a big tree or a big pine tree. Some patients go even to the extent of embracing a big tree. Patients should also engage in enjoyable and productive activities rather than brood over their predicaments or ailments. See figure 41 on page 160.

Patients who are religious can pray regularly and request the Lord to make them whole and perfect again. There are, however, some people who are not comfortable with prayer, or who don't belong to any particular religious faith. These patients can learn to work with visualization in order to contact their spiritual guides. To do this, they should first relax and visualize themselves in a beautiful garden. In that garden, they meet beings of light. They humbly request help and healing from these beings of light. Patients should visualize a pool of water filled with light, and visualize themselves immersed in that pool. By washing in the pool of water and light, the entire body is cleansed and energized. At the end of such a visualization, the patient should give thanks for help and healing.

The visualizations do not have to be clear—the patient doesn't have to actually see these beings of light. What is important during such sessions

6Alice Bailey, Esoteric Healing (New York: Lucis Publishing, 1977).

Pranic Healing Scanning
Figure 41. Resting under a tree to absorb pranic energy from the tree and the ground. Both healers and patients can use this technique.

is that the patient divert his or her attention away from the ailment or discomfort, thereby giving the body a greater opportunity to heal itself. Prayer and visualization are both good techniques to enhance self-healing. Although there is no guarantee that most terminal patients will be healed, their conditions will be improved to a certain degree and the pain will be greatly alleviated. Visualization and prayer are both excellent tools because they can help people to heal themselves or they can help people go within and make peace with death."

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