Utilizing Ground Prana In Healing

There is a greater concentration of prana just above the ground than in the air. The density of prana just above the ground is about four or five times greater than the prana contained in the air. This concentration of ground prana can be used for healing.

Ask your patient to lie down on the ground. A cotton blanket or a mat made of natural material may be used to lie on. Avoid using leather, rubber, synthetic foam, a synthetic mat or blanket, for they tend to act as insulators, which hinder the free flow of ground prana into the body.

Apply general sweeping and localized sweeping several times. Let the patient rest and gradually absorb the ground prana. The act of cleansing causes a sort of partial "pranic vacuum" that results in the rushing of ground prana into the bioplasmic body of the patient and into the treated part. Energy tends to flow from greater intensity to lower intensity or from greater concentration to lower concentration. Once the patient is cleansed, energizing from ground prana occurs automatically and gradually. The healer should preferably energize the patient after sweeping to shorten the time required to substantially energize the affected part.

This is also the reason why some shaman healers go to the extent of burying the patient in the ground so that he or she can absorb more ground prana. If one is not feeling too well, one can take a swim in the sea for ten to fifteen minutes to cleanse the bioplasmic body and after that bury his or her body in the sand to gradually absorb ground prana.

Reiki 101

Reiki 101

Looked upon as a mysterious practice, reiki originated from Japan, around 1922. Started by a Japanese Buddhist, this practice of purported healing basically uses the palm of an individual to emit positive healing energy unto the patient. Sometimes reiki is referred to as oriental style treatment by professional medical bodies.

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