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Regulating the Breathing Tiao Xi

Yin Yang Theory Body

When you have relaxed your body to the stage of regulating without regulating, then you should pay attention to the breathing. Breathing is considered as the strategy in Qigong practice. When the breathing methods are correct, the mind can lead the Qi efficiently and effectively. Therefore, Qigong breathing methods have been studied and practiced since ancient times. In many cases, the methods were kept top secret in each style. For example, Embryonic Breathing (Tai Xi, J&.t-) is the crucial key to storing Qi at the Real Lower Dan Tian (Zhen Xia Dan Tian, jfcT ) However, the actual training techniques have only been passed down orally. Since breathing is the main subject of this book, I will explain in more detail the general concepts of regulating the breathing, including its purpose, theory, and some techniques in this section. Purposes of Regulating the Breathing 2 To serve the strategic purpose in Qigong practice of regulating the body's Yin and Yang. It is well know that...

Reverse Abdominal Breathing

Abdominal Diaphragmatic Breathing

Embryonic Breathing (Tai Xi, &, ,) Embryonic Breathing has always been a huge subject in Qigong practice. This is because it is the breathing method that allows you to store the Qi in the Real Lower Dan Tian (Zhen Xia Dan Tian, jtT ) In other words, through Embryonic Breathing, you are able to charge your bio-battery to a high level. Then your vital energy will be raised, the immune system strengthened, and the physical body can be re-conditioned. However, the most important aspect of Embryonic Breathing is that once your Qi is brought up to a higher storage level, you are able to raise the Qi up through the spinal cord (Chong Mai, lifBlfc) to nourish the brain and raise up the Shen. This is the crucial key to spiritual enlightenment. Not only that, Embryonic Breathing is also a crucial key to skin breathing and marrow breathing that is closely related to our immune system and longevity. We will discuss this topic in detail in Chapter 6. 5. Skin Marrow Breathing (Fu Sui Xi, Mit,4)...

Normal Abdominal Breathing

Abdominal Breathing

Reverse Abdominal Breathing (Fan Fu Hu Xi, Ni Fu Hu Xi, M igJt ) Reverse Abdominal Breathing is also commonly called Daoist Breathing (Dao Jia Hu Xi, ) After you have mastered Buddhist Breathing, you should then start this breathing. It is called Reverse Abdominal Breathing because the movement of the abdomen is the reverse of Buddhist Breathing, in other words, the abdomen withdraws when you inhale and expands when you exhale (Figure 125). Relatively speaking, Buddhist breathing is more relaxed compared with Daoist breathing which is more aggressive. As a result, Daoist breathing can make the body more Yang (tensed Fire Path and excited) while Buddhist breathing makes the body more Yin (calm and relaxed) Many people today falsely believe that the reverse breathing technique is against the Dao, or nature's path. This is not true. If you observe your breathing carefully, you will realize that we use reverse breathing in two types of situations. First, when we have an emotional...

Premature Ejaculation

Failure of the normal sexual life characterized by ejaculation of semen at the beginning of the sexual act and prostration of the penis immediately after the ejeculation is the main manifestation of the disease. Premature ejaculation due to deficiency of the kidney-qi have the symptoms of soreness and pain in the waist, weakness of the knees and feeble cubit pulse. Densified, cold and tingling qi may be detected at the lambosacral region and the lower abdomen with the flat palm hand gesture. Premature ejaculation due to dampness and heat of the Liver Channel may be accompanied with vexation, bitterness in the mouth, dark urine, urodynia or itching and swelling of the pudendum, and yellow tongue coating and taut, forceful pulse. On flat-palm detection, densified and stagnated qi may be felt at the lower abdomen and around Shenshu (UB 23).

Breathing and Qi

When you are healthy, you have no problem with breathing through your nose. The air you breathe in will go to your lungs and the lungs will transform this as pure Qi which will nourish the body. When we breathe through the nose, the body and internal organs will be more relaxed and the breath and also the Qi will sink naturally to the Dantian. Qi is the essence of the air we breathe. When Qi sinks to the Dant-ian, it means we are breathing from the abdomen, because the Dantian is here. This might sound odd or difficult but as long as you relax your upper body, breathe through your nose and keep your mouth closed, you will automatically breathe with the Dantian, and the Qi will store there. In this instance, we are referring to the Lower Dantian. We actually have three Dantians in the body the Lower Dantian (located just below the navel), the Middle Dantian (located at the Middle Chest), and the Upper Dantian (located at the forehead). Each Dantian has a particular function, the Lower...

Huiyin and Anus Coordination

Chi Kung Solar Plexus Point

After you have practiced the abdominal exercises for about 3-5 weeks, you may feel your abdomen get warmer every time you practice. After continued practice, the abdomen will start to tremble and shake each time you start the fire. This means that Chi has accumulated at the Dan Tien and is about to overflow. At this time you should start to coordinate your breathing and abdominal movement with the movement of your Huiyin (literally Meet the Yin ) cavity and anus to lead the Chi to the tailbone (Weilu cavity). The technique is very simple. If you are doing the Buddhist breathing, every time you inhale, gently expand your Huiyin and anus, when you exhale you hold them up gently. If you are doing the Taoist breathing, the movement of the Huiyin and anus is reversed when you inhale you gently hold them up and when you exhale, you gently push them out. This up and down practice with the anus is called Song Gang and Bih Gang (loosen the anus and close the anus). When you move your Huiyin...

Prepare to Circulate the Chi Energy

While concentrating the breath should be soft, long, and smooth. After a while you can forget about your breath. Attention to breath will only distract the mind which must focus on drawing energy to the desired points. There are thousands of esoteric breathing methods you might spend your whole life mastering them and acquire no lasting energy. But once the Chi is awakened and you complete the route you may experience many different breathing patterns rapid breathing, shallow breathing, deep breathing, prolonged retention of breath, spinal cord breathing, inner breathing, crown breathing, soles of the feet breathing, etc. You need not try to regulate your breath as breathing patterns will occur automatically according to the body's needs. Breathe noiselessly through the nose. Make the breathing smooth and gentle. Any sound passage of the breath will mar your concentration, and if your breathing is rough you will not succeed in attaining a complete state of calm. But take care, if you...

Nei Dan Meditation Training

Flow The Body Tai Chi Chuan

The first and most important step for effective meditation is proper breathing. There are two basic methods in use in Chinese meditation Daoist and Buddhist. Daoist breathing, also known as Reverse Breathing (Fan Hu Xi, &. f '-5.), is used to prepare the Qi for circulation, and its proper development is crucial. In Daoist breathing the normal movement of the lower abdomen is reversed during inhalation and exhalation. Instead of expanding when inhaling, the Daoist contracts, and vice versa (Figure 3-6). Never hold your breath or force the process. Inhale through the nose slowly, keeping the flow smooth and easy, and contract and lift the lower abdomen up behind the navel. When the lungs are filled, exhale gently. Figure 3-6. Abdominal Motion During Breathing Figure 3-6. Abdominal Motion During Breathing This whole process of Daoist breathing is a form of deep breathing, not because the breathing is heavy, but because it works the lungs to near capacity. While many...

Principles of Nei Dan Qigong

Ming Men Mai

As was explained before, the method in which Qi is generated in the Dan Tian or Qihai and then guided by the mind to circulate through the entire body is called Nei Dan. The location of the Dan Tian is about one and a half inches directly below the navel. The name Dan Tian means Field of Elixir and is used by Daoist meditators. The name Qihai is used by acupuncturists and means Sea of Qi. The Dan Tian is considered to be the original source of a person's energy, because the embryo uses the lower abdomen to circulate its supply of nourishment and oxygen from its mother. After the baby is born, it continues to breathe with emphasis on the lower belly for several years. But gradually the focus of breathing moves higher and higher in the torso, so that by late childhood, people think of themselves as breathing with their chests, and they have lost control of their lower abdominal muscles. In Nei Dan meditation, the practitioner returns to the embryonic method of breathing at least the...

Seminal Kung Fu Taoist Secret of Energy

One prevents loss of this biochemical energy by not ejaculating. Stopping ejaculation is not to be confused with stopping orgasm. The No Outlet Method provides an altogether unique and superior type of orgasm. Let us say that people earn 100 units of life force through breathing, eating and resting but spend 125 units of life force through gluttony, overwork, anxiety, constitutional weakness, and frequent loss of the vital fluid. They must continuously borrow vitality from the brain and other vital organs. This theft of vital energy from one's own reserves induces mental and physical sickness and premature aging. We teach you how to overcome worldly sex desire and a way to earn 125 units and to spend 100 or less. The imbalance of one's personal energy economy is first corrected by reducing the disastrously wasteful expenditure called ejaculation, while ex

Chapter Initial Preparations

Wushu Kung Pressure Vital Point

Iron Shirt Breathing and Relaxation You must not use force in any of these procedures. These exercises depend very much upon mind control and relaxation. In doing the chin press, which is accomplished by pressing the chin down to the chest and pushing out C-7, the chest must remain relaxed if you are not to develop chest pain and congestion and if you are to avoid difficulty in breathing. Practice the relaxation of the Inner Smile and run your Microcosmic Orbit (described briefly in this Chapter and more fully in the book, Awaken Healing Energy Through the Tao). If you find yourself shaking and jerking about, just simply let it all happen. It is a refreshing experience. Practice the Iron Shirt Chi Kung breathing twice per day only during your first week of practice and three times per day in the following week. By the second to fourth week, you can increase six to nine times and increase the length of time in Packing Breathing. 1. Abdominal and Reverse Breathing (Energizer...

The Greater Heaven Meditation

Extraordinary Meridians Masterpoints

Once you are thoroughly familiar and comfortable with this practice, then do it with your Mind alone. Send your Qi down when you breathe-out, and up when you breathe-in. The whole practice can be completed in two cycles of breathing. Once these points and pathways are opened correctly it is possible to complete the whole circulation in two breaths. From head to feet when you breathe-out. From feet to shoulders when you breathe-in. From shoulders to fingers breathing out. From fingers to top of your head when breathing in. Eventually the whole practice becomes as easy and natural as breathing. This can be repeated for three or more circulations.

Self Qigong Exercise as Accessory Treatment

And the sacral region with hollow fists when there is a tendency to ejaculate. Rubbing the Penis and Testicles-. Hold the testicles and the penis between the two palms and rub-knead them 36 times each. Practise hitting the lumbosacral region when there is a tendency to ejaculate.

The Secret of Yin and Yang in Tai Chi practice

The Secret Martial Arts

Kan-Lii and Yin-Yang adjustments are critical keys for success in Chi Kung, and so adjusting them is one of the main subjects of both training and research. According to the experience of the last thousand years, a Nei Dan Chi Kung practitioner who wishes to adjust his Kan and Lii efficiently must learn how to regulate his Yi and breathing. There are also several Chiaw Men (Tricky Doors) which have usually been kept secret, and only taught when the student had earned the trust of his master. One of the secrets is to touch the tongue to the roof of the mouth. This connects the Yin Conception Vessel to the Yang Governing Vessel. Without this, the Chi could stagnate in the mouth area and make the body too Yang. Another secret of Nei Dan training is using the Yi and the movement of the Huiyin cavity (Figure 2-4) and the anus. When this is done in coordination with the correct breathing, it can effectively adjust the body's Yin and Yang. It is quite simple. If you use normal breathing,...

Transform the Sexual Energy

Tan Tien Massage

At the very tip of the sacrum there is a hole in the coccyx. Breathe into this hole until you feel some activity there. This may be felt as tingling, numbness or pulsing. If you can really activate this point it will generate 'suction'. Be aware of the sacrum opening. Feel the suction force pulling through the hole in the tailbone (sacral hiatus) breathe into it until you feel it becomes activated. When the sacrum is activated you will feel the suction easily, as well as breathing in the cranium and mideyebrow. Keep on gently smiling and softly breathing into the Tan Tien and feel the suction in the abdomen. Focus 95 of your awareness in the Tan Tien and 5 in the sacrum, the crown and the mideyebrow. Be aware of the Tan Tien breathing and observe internally the pulsing and breathing in the sacrum, the mideyebrow and the crown. Do this 36 times.

Seminal Emission

Nocturnal emission refers to ejaculation when dreaming. It occurs once every 5 6 nights, or every 3-4 nights, and is accompanied by dizziness, vertigo, fatigue, and abdominal pain. Spermatorrhoea refers to ejaculation not related to dreaming. It may occur at any time or upon thinking of sexual activities. Patients with spermatorrhoea often have lassitude of the extremities and poor memory. The disease can last for years.

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