Butterfly Protection of your Body

Cutting with Energy.

1. Start at ST-16 just above the nipples. (This point is slightly higher on women than on men.)_

Energy Gates Qigong Images
Fig. 28 Spiral Energy From ST-16 Just Above the Nipple, Increase the Spirals on the they Encompass the Body.

2. The pearl spirals in line with the body from ST-16. As it spirals, it cuts through both sides of the body through the rib cage in outward and downward ares (like the wings of a butterfly), and then cuts back in.

3. The spirals grow larger each time to include the whole body and legs. Eventually the spirals come forward out of the body into the aura.

4. Collect the energy at ST-16.

This exercise is often used in the Martial Arts. Because you are spiraling your energy all around you, your opponent can not find where the center of your energy is and can therefore not "attack" you. We use the Butterfly for the same reason in the higher practices to hide our center of energy so "nobody" can attack us. It is a very good psychic protection.

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