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There is one important thing that advanced qi practitioners must bear in mind. There is nothing wrong with feeling joy at one's accomplishments, but believing that you are the best or looking down on others is very dangerous. The moment that you start too think you are the best, you shut off the way to further progress. When people know that you have advanced qi ability, they will be drawn to you, and you will feel comfortable with them. For some period of time you may well be the center of attention in the group. But that's exactly when you should bear in mind that there is still progress that you need to make.

I will mention a case here that I am familiar with personally. There was a man who was known as a master of external qi. He had been sick for a long time, but during his recuperation, he became aware of cosmic energy and eventually healed himself. No one taught him how to use external qi, yet he also learned to heal others. As time went on he healed a great many people. Through intensive training, he also learned to use his intuition very effectively, and was good at sensing other people's qi ability. Then the problems began. He started to criticize and belittle other qigong and Yoga masters. Some of the things he said sounded reasonable enough, and people around him agreed with him. After a while, he became convinced of his own greatness, even claiming that he was a reincarnation of an earlier great master. I regret to say that he completely wasted his ability.

In order to avoid a "master" complex, you must understand that you will always be in a process of evolution. No matter how high a level of qi ability you achieve, you will never reach the goal or attain perfection.

Some may feel that they want qi ability because it will enable them to dominate others. This is a common pitfall among people who train in the use of qi. I admit that it is possible to use qi ability in a negative way, just as it is to attack someone with qi. Someone might succeed in dominating others this way, but his or her evolution will stop as a result. Some people feel that they can establish their own power only by dominating and gaining authority over others. This is a reflection of an inner weakness of which they are unaware. If you have mastered the Macrocosmic Orbit method and will know that you are constantly receiving external qi from earth and space, you will realize the true meaning of power and know that dominating others is meaningless. To avoid some of the common pitfalls encountered by people involved in the study of spiritual things, simply stand close to nature and be thankful that you are alive. Allow nature's love to enter you. Once you recognize that you are a part of the universe, you will not long to dominate others.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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