Does External Qi Diminish When It Is Released

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Qigong can be divided into two schools: one concentrates on one's own health and the other on healing other people by releasing qi energy, or external qi.

I of course tend to focus on the healing potential of qi. But a well-known teacher of the first school, Master Jiao Guo-Rui, advocates the qigong method solely as a means of promoting one's own increased vitality. While this master avoids making any particular statements about releasing external qi, he seemed, when I attended at lecture he gave in Japan, to have a somewhat negative opinion of this process. At the same time, I got the impression that he had studied qigong quite creatively. I intuited that he would be able to handle external qi far better than most ordinary qigong practicioners, and I wondered why a master like him would wish to deny the possibility of healing with external qi.

And yet when I later observed the methods used by practitioners who sought to heal with external qi, and recalled his lecture, I thought I understood what he meant. These qi practitioners were more or less dominating their patients. They were sending qi rather one-sidedly, and patients did not expect their self-healing power to be activated, but rather tended to depend outright on the qi practitioners. This, it seemed, was why Master Jiao Guo-Rui had spoken against "occult" or superstitious qi, in which patients thought in terms of an "outside force" beyond their own control, and in which they neglected the true value of self-healing with qi energy. This amazing qigong master instead wanted to emphasize the power of self-healing.

Qi practitioners remain divided on the question of whether one's own qi is diminished by the release of external qi. Some say that it is, while others insist that it is possible to absorb limitless quantities of qi from earth and space while releasing qi.

Master Lin Hou-Shen is one of the most famous masters who argues that qi diminishes. He introduced qigong anesthesia to the world. I attended a seminar of his in 1987, where he emphasized that we should not release qi. According to him, qi needs to be recharged in our body by means of training, and it is like a battery in that it runs down with continued use. When he suggested that releasing qi posed something like a danger to the practitioner's health, I was very disappointed. I had just mastered the Macrocosmic Orbit method by opening my Chakras, after struggling for a long time at the level of the Microcosmic Orbit, and was disheartened to hear that this progress would now leave me with diminishing qi. Friends who had joined me in attending the seminar were also disappointed to hear the viewpoint of Master Lin. I had asked them to come along, telling them that this would be a rare opportunity to meet a great Chinese master.

Then I decided to prove this master wrong, and to show that qi would not diminish.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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