Double Computers

Having "double computers"—one of the qi world, one of reality— allows you to be inventive. Assuming that these two computers are fully linked to one another, you will find it easy to understand the qi world theoretically, and will be able to input information in the form of concrete suggestions for your "computer of the qi world" about the next step it should perform. People whose "computer of the real world" is functioning well usually show good common sense as well as respect for social rules. They are capable of leading an exemplary life even without the power of qi (Figure 19-3).

Information Exchange

"Computer of the qi world"

"Computer of the real world"

"Computer of the qi world"

Figure 19-3

Features of the two "computers."

Information is input with words and the five ordinary senses.

Information is managed with mathematics and words.

Information is output with words and behavior.

Functioning improves with ordinary education.

Information is input with the five (^/'-enhanced senses.

Information is managed with enhanced visualization and intuition. No words are needed.

Information is output with qi energy.

Functioning improves with qi training —including training of the mind and physical exer-

NOTE: Our skills and abilities—particularly our sensory perception and creativity-improve greatly when we merge these two computers.

In fact, it is possible to attain ability in the invisible world relatively quickly. The way to do this is simply to shut out the computer of the real world. This method has been practiced by religeous ascetics since ancient times. Ascetic practitioners often lead a life of seclusion in order to avoid inputting any information from the visible world. Under these circumstances, the computer of the qi world is liable to start working regardless of whether a practitioner is ready to use it. Illusions and auditory hallucinations often occur to people who undertake such practice. An ascetic may sometimes get correct information about the invisible world, but if the checks and balances offered by the computer of the real world are not in place, the ascetic's approach can sometimes become fanatical.

You always need to remain aware. If you seek greater spiritual health, keep both your "computers" in good condition. If both are functioning well, you should find yourself feeling extremely creative and inventive. Formulate hypotheses from your intuitions, and then confirm them with the computer of the real world. This approach helped me to invent the Cosmic Headband, an ultrasound machine for the Microcosmic Orbit, and a ceramic vajra. I also used it in conceiving the theory of the opposite qi flow in men and women.

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