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The principles involved in dowsing are not totally clear, but dowsing is now recognized as a replicable procedure. Dowsing is a method of catching vibrations with radiesthesia, using a tool such as the pendulum or the L-rod. During the course of my own work with dowsing, I learned that a pendulm or an L-rod magnifies minute movements of or subtle changes in the muscles. If you have an opportunity to try this procedure, use a pendulum with a fixed fulcrum or an L-rod with the handgrips fixed.

"Hand-dowsing" refers to radiesthesia without the use of any special tools. If you practice hand-dowsing, you will be able to use your fingers as antenna for qi.

How to perform hand-dowsing

1. Spread the fingers of one hand. Visualize an area the size of a ping-pong ball between your thumb and index finger.

2. Rub the imaginary ball gently with two fingers and you will feel a qi ball.

3. Do the same with the other fingers and make four qi balls between the fingers of your right hand.

4. Touch your little finger with your thumb, then release. Repeat this. This will allow you to make a qi ball on the Lao-Gong acupuncture point (at the center of your palm).

5. When you are able to feel all five qi balls distinctly, gather them together into a single qi ball in your palm (Figure 8-1).

Now place your hand over the object to be checked, inhale qi from it, and feel the changes to the qi ball in your hand. This is hand-dowsing.

If you continue this training, your hand will become very sensitive. Imagine that your qi and tactual senses develop in concert and that your tactual sense is now increasing. Your palm will start to work like the tactual organ of an insect. Interestingly enough, when you can easily make a good qi ball in your hand, your fingers may move unconsciously.

Make qi balls between your fingers and on the Lao-Gong acupuncture point.

The Reflection of Qi Muscle Power test and dowsing are both ways of recognizing the vibrations of qi through changes in or subtle movement of muscles which a human being receives subconsciously.

Hand-dowsing can be explained as a method to recognize the vibration of qi in connection with the tactual sense. However, it is not yet possible to measure the energy of qi mechanically, so we are capable only of measuring its effect.

The sense of qi attained by hand-dowsing has a delicate nuance and is too subtle to describe in words. Expect to enjoy this exercise, and to feel the sensations gradually. For instance, if an object's qi is positive for you, you will feel soft sensations and sense minute vibrations. If its qi is negative, you will sense hard, rough vibrations, and cold or strained sensations (Figure 8-2).

Keep practicing until you can easily and immediately make a qi ball in either hand. This ability makes it possible to learn the techniques of checking an abnormally curved backbone or the qi flow of the Micro-cosmic Orbit.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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