Free Energy and Vacuums

Pantheistic "consciousness" is defined as non-physical energy, or so-called "free energy," which corresponds to physical energy. It means that even vacuums, in which nothing physical exists, are not empty space. On the contrary, space is full of "free energy." Inomata's theory suggests the possibility that a special technique could extract "free energy" and change it into electric energy. In Japan and several other countries, a machine called the N-machine is being used to extract "free energy," producing more than ten times the amount of electricity originally input. With this, various academic groups have finally begun to recognize the concept of free energy. Acceptance of this concept would be an incredible thing. It would demand that we change our entire outlook on the universe. The world's oil resources are limited, and relying on nuclear power would pose a great danger to the environment. The need for renewable, safe, and inexpensive sources of energy is pressing. Thus, free energy gives us reason to hope for the future.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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