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Now you are walking through the unseen world of qi. You may sometimes wonder if the path you are on is the right one. Or you might feel uneasy because you are not sure where the path is leading. These worries are natural. But they are also stumbling-blocks that can impede your progress. Figure 4-2 gives you an overview of how you can determine your qi ability.

In the visible world, you often know precisely where you stand. For instance, if you are a martial artist, a free fight will tell you who is stronger. If you are a college student, exams and papers constantly offer a standard by which to measure yourself against others. If you are in business, you can point to specific achievements. But in the unseen qi world, it has long been impossible to know what you have achieved or at what level you stand.

The Cosmic Headband and the Reflection of Qi Muscle Power test offer a way to gauge one's level in the qi world. I have given this test to many patients who wore the Cosmic Headband. I found that magnetic stimulation in the opposite direction did not influence patients who had mastered the Microcosmic Orbit. These people were capable of controlling qi in the Ren and Du channels with their minds. Their qi muscle power was not weakened at all, even when they wore the Cosmic Headband facing in the opposite direction. Even if one has not mastered the Microcosmic Orbit method, after spending only about an hour practicing it, he or she can still get results—that is, they can use the Cosmic Headband in combination with the Reflection of Qi Muscle Power test—as a tool for measuring actual qi ability.

The Cosmic Headband has not yet been perfected. As was mentioned, the human body adjusts to being constantly stimulated by the electric magnet. Another problem is that we can only stimulate or judge the magnetic field of qi. But since ultrasound gives the same result, the invention of the Cosmic Headband is a first step toward the measurement of qi ability.

How to determine your qi ability How to determine if qigong is for you

How to determine your qi ability How to determine if qigong is for you

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Every method of qigong training is unique. This training sheet is meant to be a guide, not a basis for judging anyone else. Please keep in mind that qigong is not a competition, but a system for your own growth.

By the way, the Cosmic Headband does not affect people who are full of qi energy by nature, or who have a strong qi blockage caused by depression or another form of psychological affliction:

In any science, two basic conditions are mandatory: objectivity and independent verification. This is true of the qi world as well.

A teacher of mine in Western medicine always said, "What is not yet discovered by scientific knowledge of today will be worth studying as long as it can be measured and replicated. Someday the light of dawn will appear in the darkness."


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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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