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No one has yet succeeded in measuring qi energy on a strictly physical level. But qfs effect on human beings can be confirmed with the Reflection of Qi Muscle Power test or the breathing method. These methods are now effective and replicable. Qi training includes the Reflection of Qi Muscle Power test, hand-dowsing, and radiesthesia using pendulums. Releasing qi energy refers to training in the Macrocosmic Orbit method. However, the basic theory that would explain the phenomena of qi from a scientific point of view has not yet been found. A great deal of useful information is available on techniques for qi training and health, but one should also consider a universal model that would explain the phenomena of qi.

The term "model" as I use it here refers to a theoretical construction that would provide a reasonable explanation on the basis of known facts. Therefore, a good model predicts the phenomena that are included in the structure. Its replicability can be a useful judgement of the effectiveness of the model. The model should not conflict with the laws of physics.

One theory which satisfies all these conditions is that proposed by Shuji Inomata, which I introduced earlier, in Chapter XII. As was mentioned, this theory allows us to logically systematize various psychic phenomena such as telekinesis, ESP, telepathy, and psychic phenomena, and other mysterious experiences. They can be considered manifestations of different evolutionary branches of higher-level consciousness.

Let me explain Inomata's theory briefly (Figure 17-1). E = mc2 is the formula discovered by Einstein for the conversion of matter into physical energy. It is also the basic formula for constructing an atomic bomb. Prior to Einstein, it had been thought that matter and physical energy could not be converted into one another. But since his formula was verified with high accuracy by nuclear reactions and the atomic bomb, the idea that matter and physical energy can be converted into one another has been completely accepted in the world of physics. The universe consists of matter and physical energy. Inomata adds to this equation one more element—that of consciousness. In religion and psychology, consciousness had already been accepted as a main theme, but its relation to matter and physical energy had never been explained.

In Buddhism, the things of this world are thought to be more reflections of consciousness. Inomata expresses this same idea theoretically, with a numerical formula. To me this is a hopeful sign, suggesting that consciousness may someday be accepted in science and medicine, which would bring untold benefits to all humankind.

Inomata emphasizes that it is time to study medicine that includes consciousness. The term "consciousness" as he uses it is not identical to the general usage of the word. For him it has a pantheistic meaning, and encompasses even stones or trees. This concept of consciousness is in fact quite similar to the basic concept of qi. When physics developed, the world changed. But Western medicine is still controlled, to this day, by Newtonian physics. We are not aware of the energy of consciousness that we as human beings have.

Incidentally, I asked him how he originally conceived this theory. He said that he had been watching one of Yuri Geller's spoon-bending performances on television. He tried it himself, and was able to bend spoons. He then wanted to find a theory that would clarify the phenomenon. An idea of electromagnetic mechanics with complex numbers flashed upon him suddenly while he was enjoying a cup of saké on New Year's Day in 1983. The theory occurred to him largely complete. When I met Inomata, I tried to sense his qi with my intuitional qi. He had very strong qi energy, as I had expected. He also had an outstanding ability to receive qi. Intuitional flashes during relaxation after intensive study occur frequently to people like him.

E: Physical energy G: Gravity

C: Speed of light

Q: Consciousness M: Matter

Figure 17-1

Inomata's theory.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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