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Mastering the Microcosmic Orbit method was for me the first step in beginning to sense and control qi. The next step was to master the Macrocosmic Orbit method, and so I spent a good deal of time and effort attempting to absorb external qi from nature. I remember the very moment that I succeeded. I had a strong feeling of qi on the crown of my head. I felt as if something was rising through my head with a pulsing sensation. Since then I have been able to sense external qi and to allow qi to flow from space through my body as I wish. As soon as I began to absorb qi through the acupuncture point known as Xian-Gu from earth, I began to feel minute vibrations at that point. Since that time, I have never run short of qi, and this has allowed me to heal patients without becoming exhausted. When I succeeded in absorbing and releasing external qi through my hands, I felt true joy.

Once you begin to absorb external qi, you don't need to try to let qi flow around your Microcosmic Orbit, because qi will flow through your body naturally. Even if you wear the Cosmic Headband the wrong way or hold a bottle of poison in your hand during the Reflection of Qi Muscle Power test, these things will have no effect. When you master the Macrocosmic Orbit method, you strengthen the energy field of your body enough to intercept negative energy from the outer world. For example, one of my colleagues, with whom I used to practice qigong, had always suffered from a fear of crowds, but as soon as he mastered the Macrocosmic Orbit method, this problem disappeared. The energy field surrounding our bodies can be strengthened tremendously with the Macrocosmic Orbit method. It took me a long time to clarify and systematize the inner workings of the Macrocosmic Orbit method. But I am convinced that this method now consists of useful and practical exercises from which anyone can benefit.

Mastering the Macrocosmic Orbit method requires that we use techniques that are rather advanced, and that several conditions be met. First of all, we must be capable of absorbing the qi energy that exists in the celestial sphere, on earth, and in space. Our "channels" for absorbing qi energy must be open and functioning properly. We must be able to turn on the "channels" and have practical techniques that we can use to activate them.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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